Cezanne's PERFECT FINISH Smoothing Treatment

Sleek transformations by way of Pure Hair’s Perfect Finish Smoothing system. This effective breakthrough treatment is safe and 100% formaldehyde-free, allowing hair to become healthier over time. Instant results restore hair’s natural shine, soften waves and create a smoother, more manageable hair for every hair type.

Pure Hair were one of a handful of salons to stock MOROCCANOIL when it first launched in the UK. At the time no one was using oil in haircare. Now - everyone is using oil - companies have all tried to replicate MOROCCANOIL's unique formula. MOROCCANOIL has become a huge brand globally. As a MOROCCANOIL Top 20 UK salon we are one of the first salons to offer Cezanne PERFECT FINISH Smoothing Treatment - the results are incredible, but without the downside of harsh alternatives.

'All-Natural' - It's natures way of smoothing hair

"This is definitely NOT a Brazilian Blowdry or Keratin Straightening service. It's chemical free which means it will gradually fade towards the end of the 5 month mark. This is a game-changer as far as hair texture and manageability is concerned. What's more silk proteins actually fortify hair leaving it in better condition."