Gym Haircare Guide

It’s not easy sometimes is it?! Keeping your hair looking good, whilst trying to stick to a strict exercise regime. Sometimes that missed gym session literally boils down to not wanting to wash your freshly blowdried hair earlier than necessary. 

I’ve teamed up with Moroccanoil and Fitness Model, Chloe Francis, to share our go to tips to keep your hair looking its best during and straight after an exercise session to ensure your hair doesn’t give you one more thing to worry about in the small 24 hour window we have to fit everything in! Chloe is currently a WBFF Pro 2018 European Champion, a titled earned after following a strict diet and exercise routine in the lead up, and long before the competition. Earning this title wasn’t easy and sometimes Chloe can exercise twice a day. (Pure crazy!) To maintain and style her long, balayaged hair it’s all about having the correct products in her gym bag.


If you’re yet to discover Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo your life is about to be changed for the better! Described as the ‘holy grail’ of gym hair care, this little miracle will make sweat disappear right before your eyes. You need not worry about that talcum powder effect caused by some dry shampoo’s as the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo comes in 2 tones (light and dark) to suit all hair types, whilst a rice starch is used to absorb the natural oil. If that isn’t good enough Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo also deodorises, because let’s face it smelling good post gym session is an absolute must. The only real shame is you can’t use it on the rest of the body.

To get the most from Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo Dark Tones, Chloe will spray down her parting and around her hairline BEFORE her work out, to make it work just as hard as she does during the workout. This means you can go about your day without having to worry about a post gym hair wash and blowdry, it may even give you a few extra days depending on your hair type.


Chloes second ‘go to’ is the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Original. Since using the Treatment Oil, Chloe has stopped straightening her hair as the product alone is enough to smooth down any frizzy fly aways, usually caused when exercising. Chloe uses Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Original everyday on wet and dry hair. Not only to keep her hair smooth but to hydrate and treat her mid-lengths and ends. 

Next up is styling, and we all know the easiest style to exercise with is the 2 second top knot. But if the topknot is too tight, it can be damaging to your hair and also cause uncomfortable tension headaches. Unless you’re gently combing all your hair in the same direction before securing it, opt for something a little looser that doesn’t put pressure on individual strands of hair. Chloe’s go-to look is 2 Dutch Braids (Boxer Braids) to keep her long hair off her face and to stop it getting in the way. As much as this still looks tight and secure, each section of hair doesn’t have far to travel and can easily be loosened once the style is secured with a band. This look is not only exercise friendly, it can last the rest of the day. When the braids are removed, and (more!) dry shampoo applied, a beautiful volumised wave is created. 


With all that being said, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable when you exercise. If for you that’s having your hair done or going au-natural, it’s whatever works! Either way, I hope these tips help you save time whilst still maintaining fresh, healthy hair. 


Augusta Floral

I’m often asked for recommendations on wedding hair accessories, and with a personal love for styling hair and beautiful accessories I’m always on the look out for unique, beautiful pieces.

I stumbled across @augustaflorals on Instagram last year and instantly fell in love with her work.


Augusta is a floral design artist based in London, and floral hair combs are a small part of what she does.

Augusta draws her inspiration from nature and it’s changing season to create abundant, luxurious and textually inspired arrangements. Not only for weddings, but for any celebration.

From Bridal bouquets and table arrangements to flower walls or hair combs, Augusta will create a bespoke arrangement to leave lasting memories.


With the wedding season (and festival season!) fast approaching Augusta kindly gifted me some beautiful floral combs, so I could create some looks to show you.

I wasn’t sure what would arrive for me to work with, but when Augusta’s fresh flower combs arrived via post I was amazed. The blooms had been sent in beautiful rustic boxes, complete with ribbon and ‘Augusta Floral’ personalised stationary. From beautifully scented freesia’s, to a rustic style dried wheat mix, I had been sent 3 unique pieces.



The Eucalyptus & Freesia Duo

The most daintiest of the 3, this would be beautiful for bridesmaids and flower girls. I feel the summery colours and uplifting eucalyptus scent would also be great for a festival, intertwined with knots and braids. Starting from £12 these combs are an affordable way to give your hair a unique finished look.



Dried Wheat and Lisianthus on a Bed of Foliage

The dried wheat gives this piece a more relaxed feel. This would be perfect for a rustic wedding or a bride with a boho style. If it was me, I’d have this for my bridesmaids and I’d get a bigger version for myself!



Eucalyptus, Lisianthus, Heavy Fragrant Freesia Combined with Foliage


The biggest of the 3 but so lightweight and easy to work with. The comb fitted perfectly with all the styles I tried and didn’t feel heavy.

I love how all pieces can be tailor made to fit a colour scheme and these pink freesias would look beautiful on a bride with a romantic, fairy tale theme.


Augusta was one of the first people I contacted when starting my blog. I had nothing to show her, only my work on instagram. Not only did she put her trust in me - a stranger - she took the time to make these pieces and sent them to me, next day delivery to ensure they arrived fresh. I was treated like a client, so I will always highly recommend her.

Instagram - @augustaflorals

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