Paul Mitchell

Purple Reign

With a high demand for ash toned hair, purple toned hair care has taken over. It’s not a ‘new thing’ and has been around for decades. Purple rinsing it’s way through the 1930’s, neutralising yellowness and brassiness long before my time! But what’s different today is these purple hued products can be used daily as it’s not just the colour they effect. With healthy, shiny hair being of upmost importance, these purple hued formulas are nourishing enough to use daily and don’t cause damage to the hair long term.

Weather you’re a white blonde wanting to rid unwanted yellow tones, or the owner of a dark blonde balayage craving an ash reflection, there’s something for everyone. It’s a simple science in the sense that purple counteracts yellow, and with toned shampoos strong enough to not dilute back to clear when mixed with water, you can keep up that freshly toned look at home. Below are my top 3 go to products to keep blondes at their best whilst maintaining and improving condition.

First up, and the most gentle purple toned shampoo I love to work with is Paul Mitchell’s Forever Blonde. Imagine a pearl sitting directly under a spotlight, the iridescent tones you’d see is exactly what this shampoo and conditioning duo look like. I’m genuinely attracted to the sparkle. With bleached hair in mind, this protein enriched duo guard against further breakage whilst keeping blonde tones light and bright. Perfect for every day use and also great for natural grey hair to inject freshness back in to the colour and banish brassiness.



If you crave something stronger, Sensua Illumyna Zero Yellow should be your go to. This is the strongest violet pigmented shampoo and conditioner I have worked with, and I’m always asked if I’ve just had my hair coloured when I wash my hair with Zero Yellow. Being a slightly golden blonde tone, the shampoo on its own is enough for me. One wash every other wash left on for 3 minutes removes any brassiness and gives me a whiter look. I’d recommend the shampoo and conditioner combo together to maintain ash, grey, silver and darker blondes colours. Please see photos below to see if this is something that could work for you. Both of my clients below are using the Zero Yellow shampoo and conditioner every 2/3 wash. (I’m not gonna lie - I’m totally tempted to use this on my 1 year old’s golden blonde locks over summer, is that wrong of me?!)



Last but not least, and the product that gives me the upmost satisfaction after every use is a dry shampoo that cleanses, tones and deodorises in one swift spray. You know when you wash your hair and its feeling fresh, but then the next day your natural oils take over and your roots all of a sudden look 2 shades darker. (Nightmare!) If this is a problem for you - I give you Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo - Light tones. I used to wash my hair every day, leading to a blow dry, heat styling and inevitable breakage. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo - Light tones gives me 4 days. The purple tone gives my blonde a lighter feel, whilst the rice starch absorbs natural oil. Moroccanoil’s signature scent deodorises all whilst adding a little boost at the root. I could not live with out it! This dry textured spray also adds volume to my hair, just another bonus on top of making it look fresh!


If you’re unsure on what violet toned combinations could work for you, please feel free to ask me on Instagram. As mentioned above, from dark blonde hues to the brightest of silvers, there really is something for everyone to ensure your colour stays looking healthy, true to your desired tone and just as expensive as it did on day one!