January Round Up

It was Christmas, then I blinked and now it’s nearly February. With my days at the salon being just as busy as they were in the lead up to Christmas, and 2 Moroccanoil trips to Dublin and Barcelona, I feel like my feet have barely touched the floor. 

January/February are notorious for being quieter in the hairdressing world due to most people wanting there hair done before Christmas. However I’ve being lucky enough to have my days filled with clients who I’ve known for years, but also I’ve had the time in my diary to look after 8 new clients. My new clients were all recommended to me and it’s so lovely to know my regular clients are sending their friends and family my way! 


The month started with an overnight stay in Dublin, tied in with our Moroccanoil post Christmas party. It’s always good to catch up with the Moroccanoil team, and the education put in place for us is by far some of the best training I’ve had. There wasn’t a hairdryer or product in sight for this one, it was to learn about our individual learning style as we will personally teach in the way we best learn. When I share Moroccanoil education with other hairstylists, it’s important everyone can understand and get involved in the way that suits their learning style. This course gave us tips on how to get everyone involved when we educate. Theorist/Reflector best describes my learning style, I’m someone who likes to make a decision based on the facts, and then spend (a lot of) time reflecting. That explains why on my return I wanted to find out EVERYONE’s learning style. I was still reflecting on my trip ya know?!


Next up was Barcelona, for Moroccanoil’s ‘train the trainer’ event. Every year Moroccanoil’s education programme changes, the courses are updated and shared with the European team before we go and share them. I had 3 courses (Bridal, Knotwork and Editiorial) to learn in 3 days, with 2 hair cuts thrown in for good measure. 3 courses in 3 days may sounds like a lot of information to take it, but when you’re fueled by copious amounts of tapas and a small (to medium) amount of wine, it’s all good! I had a great trip, not only was it lovely to spend time with the team, I learn so much from them all. We all live in different parts of the U.K, but we manage to get together regularly for various work events.


As far as January’s goes, it’s been a busy one. And with a busy February filled with appointments, education, and London Fashion Week amongst other things, it doesn’t look like we’ll be slowing down just yet!  




A Day With Monica Vinader

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling a little nervous. I was about to travel to King’s Cross to meet a group of girls I’d never met before. We’d then be travelling to Norfolk together for a very special event. I’d been told to look out for Nicola, wearing a beige coat standing underneath the departure sign. I arrived super early, and began to make eye contact with everyone wearing beige. It felt like a very strange first date, but when we all found ‘Nicola in her beige coat’ we laughed at how shifty we must have looked lurking around Kings Cross.


The 5 ladies I was meeting, like me, had won a competition to visit Monica Vinader and her team at their Head Office in Norfolk. We had a lunch date with Monica organised, a jewellery styling session and a drive through Holkham Estate in which the offices are situated.!

I absolutely love Monica Vinader jewellery, I discovered the brand about 8 years ago and have slowly been building my collection. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, my ideal day out is a trip to The King’s Road for a spot of food, a relaxed look around finishing at Monica Vinader’s Duke of York Boutique to treat myself! I love to travel to new places and I love meeting new people, so I knew this was a trip I couldn’t miss.


Before I left, I said to my Mum, “Imagine if nobody wants to talk to me on the 2 hour train journey?!” But luckily I had nothing to worry about. Myself and the girls instantly bonded over not only our love for ‘MV’ jewellery, but our passion for our jobs, our families and we didn’t stop talking from King’s Cross to King’s Lynn. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier bunch of girls to spend my day with.

The drive to Holkham was spectacular. Small country roads surrounded by acres of land and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was a beautiful Autumn’s day. I decided not to research Monica Vinader HQ before my trip. I’m getting a lot better at taking my days as they come instead of knowing all about the places I visit before I go, and I’m so glad I had no idea what was waiting for us.


A converted 16th Century cart-shed on the Holkham Estate is home to Monica Vinader and her team. A beautiful mix of old and new, makes this workspace like nothing I’ve seen before. Strawberries and cream are a must on the lawn in Summer, and with freshly made lunch brought in every day for the team, it was like no ‘office’ I’d visited before.

We visited every department, from the design studio, to quality control, and it’s like anything, until you see the work that goes in to something behind the scenes you don’t truly appreciate it. Lunch with Monica and her team was such a lovely experience. We chatted for hours over the most tasty nutritious lunch. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

image1 2.jpeg

I can’t go in to too much detail *top secret stuff* but we were privileged enough to be shown the new 2019 collections. Monica and her team were intrigued to know our thoughts on the new pieces, and quite honestly I loved it all! A mix of 18ct rose gold, ethically sourced pavé diamonds, and amazonite gemstones had drawn me in, and this was just a small part of the collection. It’s not just the jewellery I love, it’s also the brand. Monica Vinader have recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, (exactly the same age as Moroccanoil!) and since I discovered them I have always loved what they do.

What a brilliant way to spend a Tuesday, an amazing opportunity to spend time with a group of lovely people. You should have seen us on the way back to the train station, like kids in a candy shop, with our very generous gifts. Thank you to Monica, her team and my fellow winners for a brilliant day.


A Day With Pure PR


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of representing Moroccanoil at Pure PR’s press day. The event was an opportunity for Pure to showcase the brands and products they represent to press, influencers and bloggers. With a ‘back to school’ theme the team had turned an empty art gallery in Eastcastle Street, London, in to The Pure Academy. A restaurant/show room of dreams, filled with an array of hair, beauty and wellbeing brands.  Back to school because the brands Pure PR represent are all top in their field.

Moroccanoil will soon be launching a revolutionary colour care line in the UK.  A 360 degree approach to caring for coloured hair. It was my job to introduce people to the line - I can’t wait to share more information about it with you guys soon! It was also an opportunity to reveal our Christmas gift boxes, whilst of course offering dry styling. Beach waves and braids seemed to be the order of the day, so I kept my Moroccanoil Original Treatment and Dry Texture Spray close to hand.


I was surrounded by hair, beauty and wellbeing product lines. This is literally my idea of heaven! I spend my day working along side Sergio from E.L.F. A vegan make up a range and let me tell you why I was so excited about this! As a green eyed human being the best colour to compliment my eyes is purple. Now I’m (very) allergic to a product called Carmine. A red colouring derived from crushed beetles to create vibrant purple and copper tones in make up. I saw E.L.F’s bright purple eye shadow staring at me from across the room, and being a vegan range I knew this meant no carmine therefore it wouldn’t make me swell up like a balloon! Hallelujah!

Aromatherapy Associates are a brand I have used previously. But if I’m honest I didn’t know a great deal about them. After chatting to Christina, their global director of education, I have learnt about the wellbeing benefits linked to aromatherapy oils. Did you know essential oils can be used to aid stress and sleep? They can be used to boost your energy levels and relax the mind. I definitely think I need to spend more time focusing on relaxing my mind. Something as little as introducing the appropriate blend of essential oil in your daily routine could reduce fatigue and make you feel more relaxed and ready for your day. I left with the deep relax roller ball, a fragrance formulated to bring out peace and relaxation.

Last by not least I had the pleasure of working along side Renee Lapino. One of the best in the skin care business, Renee was representing Goldfaden MD. A skin care range utilising state of the art technologies, Goldfaden MD is one of Renee’s go to brands to work with. If I’m honest I wanted it all, however my stand out product was Doctors Scrub. A ruby crystal microderm Exfoliator that leaves skin hydrated whilst removing dead skin cells. The results could be seen instantly. I’ve only used this product twice and my face has never looked so good. I opted for no make up after use because my face just felt so fresh and so clean (clean!) I’m literally amazed and although it’s only September I will be adding some other Goldfaden MD products to my Christmas list. (*Boyfriend rolling eyes whilst reading this*)

Imagine a working day socialising with like minded people whilst sharing knowledge on products you love. The team from Pure are a dream to be around. Passionate about the brands they work with and all round cool girls. Like the new kid in class I was made to feel welcome and can’t wait to see them at London Fashion week soon.

Instagram Inspiration

I, Laura Bell, am an Instagram addict, and I’m totally ok with admitting that! For me, I use it as a tool to draw inspiration from people I look up to, including hairstylists, make up artists, fashionistas and bloggers. 

I pick up fashion tips daily from @emmahill. Whilst @emmachenartistry is my go to girl for all things make up. If I’m unsure how to style my hair, a quick flick through @beyondtheponytail gives me enough inspo for a months worth of textured up-do’s.

My camera roll is one big album filled with screen shots of images I have fallen in love with, to the point I’ve now made folders. So when I need to find that colour formulation I screen shot 2 weeks ago, I can find it quickly in my ‘hair’ folder.


Below are some of the accounts that inspire me daily and the reasons they’re at the top of my search list.



Location - London

Followers - 427K

Emma was always going to be my first! Do you know, I think we’d made good friends. (too weird?!) Emma’s Instastories have me in hysterics daily, her blazer collection is beyond anything you’ve ever seen and her jewellery collection - my word! Emma’s blogs are honest and current. I love following Emma and her Husband Simon on their daily adventures. She makes me laugh out loud and her vlogs definately make my 3am night feeds a little more bearable!




Location - Barcelona

Followers - 118k

Audrey’s cool. Too cool. Just looking at her golden insta feed takes me to sunnier climates. High street fashion teamed with vintage designer and the perfect golden tan - perfection.  Audrey recently uploaded a photo wearing a one shoulder black swimsuit from primark. It took me straight to Oxford Street in search. You’ll be glad to know, I found it!




Location - Australia

Followers - 140k

I give you the best in the business from down under! Emma Chen. Emma’s feed is filled with texture on top of texture on top of beautiful head scarfs and the most beautifully bronzed faces. Emma was the reason I ditched the perfect curl and now opt for textured beach waves. I no longer feel bad for using a whole can of Moroccanoil dry texture spray in 4 weeks. If I ever go to Aus, I will 100% be signing up to one of her classes. Check back next week for an interview with Emma Chen!




Location - Worldwide

Followers - 1.3m

If you’ve read my post on olaplex, you’ll know I keep a bottle close for when colouring hair. I personally treat my hair with olaplex weekly, and with a 1.2m following - olaplex are clearly doing something right.

@olaplex is the feed to visit for hair colour inspiration. They share the most amazing transformations from stylists worldwide, therefore pointing me in the direction of the best colourists from around the world. I have learnt new colouring tips and tricks, amazing formulations and more in-depth science behind the colouring process. Not just for the hair professional, a great account for hair inspiration. 




Location - Worldwide

Followers - 270k

Founded by @angelacattanaehair, this amazing collection of photos showcase the work of some of the best hair artists from around the world. My first Instagram search if I’m needing some styling inspirations. A great account featuring knots, braids and festival hair. My hair accessories collection has quadrupled since following this account.


If these accounts are new to you, I hope they bring you lots of fashion, make up and hair happiness. I’d love to know the Instagram accounts that inspire you and why. Let me know if there are any hidden gems you think I’d love to follow! 

An evening with Monica Vinader


When I recently got an invite to a get together at Monica Vinader’s Duke of York Boutique, I jumped at the chance. A sunny afternoon spent wandering around Knightsbridge, followed by an evening browsing jewellery, eating canapés and drinking champagne sounded like the perfect opportunity to take some time out for myself. (Probably resulting in spending money!)

Over the last few years, Monica Vinader have become one of my most favourite jewellery brands. Whenever I go to London I’m drawn towards one of their 5 boutiques. I wear gold, rose gold and silver, and obviously needing pieces in every colour, means I have built up quite a collection. (If my boyfriends reading this he will be shaking his head!)


The event was a thank you to customers for their on going support, in celebration of Monica Vinader’s 10 year anniversary and to launch their new AW18 campaign. 

I wasn’t too sure what to expect upon arrival, however I was greeted by friendly staff, a buzzing atmosphere and a glass of champagne. I had a lovely couple of hours trying different jewellery combinations at their styling station and learning about the inspiration behind the latest collection. All the jewellery I was wearing was cleaned for me, to make it look as good as new and as I was leaving, I was given a very generous gift bag.




My gifts included an engravable rose gold charm, an engravable silver charm, Monica Vinader candles and jewellery cleaning kits. I love getting my jewellery engraved, but on this occasion I decided to go away and have a think about what I’d like on my new pieces. (Since writing this I have decided to take a Birthday Card from my Mum and Boyfriend, and have their writing engraved on my two new charms.) This inevitably means another visit to Monica Vinader very soon, and I’m totally ok with that! With free parking and no congestion charge on a Sunday, a trip to London is our go to day out. I tend to find Sloane Square and The King’s Road a quieter spot. With Zara, Cos, Monica Vinader and some lovely restaurants all within walking distance it’s a great place to go for a relaxed wander. 




I left Monica Vinader with a spring in my step, probably due to the 7 bags of new jewellery. (I just can't help myself!) The sun was still shining so before heading home I met a friend on South Bank for a catch up in the sunshine. All in all, a lovely Thursday afternoon.


This last photo shows my chosen pendant combinations. I have linked them below. 

Gold Cuff

Rose Gold Necklace, Nura Reef Pendant, Nura Teardrop Pendant, Amazonite Pendant

Silver Necklace, ID Tag Pendant (similar linked), Riva Diamond Pendant




My Italian Mini Break Essentials

I spend most of my holiday in bright flowing dresses. The kind of dresses I feel I just can’t get away with back home. I’ve built up quite a collection over the years and when teamed with delicate gold jewellery and simple sandals, I feel good but stay cool whilst exploring.

This year we stayed at a small villa in the Tuscan hills. A small village called Fiasole, five minutes away from Florence. Close enough to venture in to the Tuscan capital, but far enough away to relax in the tranquil surroundings.


After lazy breakfasts and mornings spent by the pool, we spent our afternoons exploring. I have never been disappointed with Italy. I love the history, architecture and of course the food. My boyfriend planned this trip and he found some incredible places to eat and the best spots for afternoon cocktails.  My 1 year old stayed at home with Grandparents, so I could spend a little extra time getting ready in the evenings before dinner. I like to use my everyday products whilst away, because I know they work for me. Hotel product packaging can look nice, but it just isn’t the same!


Long weekends away call for hand luggage only, meaning I plan ahead when it comes to packing. I plan my outfits (down to accessories) in advance and prepare my 100ml travel sized hair and beauty products in a clear wash bag.


This year packing was made easy by Moroccanoil. Their mini travel sizes are 100ml or under and don’t take up too much room in my cabin sized case. I opted for the ‘destination repair’ kit. Including a Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. A Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Original, and the styling product I can’t live with out - Dry Texture Spray. All containing nourishing, antioxidant rich argan oil, this is the perfect combination for hydrated, healthy locks. 


In regards to skin care, it had to be Eufora Beautifying Serum. For hair, skin and scalp, I may as well bathe in it! I apply it to my face twice a day and this is a MUST for holidays due to the soothing cranberry extract. Mosquitos, do what you’ve got to do, because Beautifying Serum will take away the redness and itchiness in a flash. I keep a travel size in my handbag, and have been known to whip it out when my friends have had skin complaints in the past. Spot? Beautifying Serum. Bite? Beautifying Serum. You get the gist! 



Travelling light made this trip easier from the get to. We used local buses and walked around Florence with our cases. This wouldn’t have been fun with a 20kg case in 35 degree heat! Travelling light is something I’m become quite good at. So until next time, my travel sized bottles will be saved in my little clear lightweight bag, ready to top up! 






The year of 10

Monday 18th February, 2008. It seems like yesterday I started my apprenticeship at Pure Hair. I was 16 at the time and living with my Mum. I had just met my boyfriend and didn’t really have a care in the world. Fast forward 10 years, I’ve been a stylist for over 7 years and I’m a self employed educator for Moroccanoil. I now live in my own home (with the same boyfriend!) and I’m a Mum to the most beautiful, full of life, 1 year old. It makes my head hurt if I think about it too much! Where on earth did those 10 years go? And how have so many significant life changing events happened?!

I wouldn’t say I started work with a plan of how I wanted my future to look. I have been given great opportunities, not only from Pure Hair, but from all our product lines. And let me tell you, hairdressing education is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! I’ve attended a Paul Mitchell education in Rome. (John Paul Dejoria, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, also owns Patrón Tequila - that was a good weekend!) I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the factory in Tuscany where our colour line, Sens.ús is formulated and made. Not only was the Eufora education in San Diego one of the best events I’ve been to, San Diego at Halloween is on another level! 

At the same time I started my career in hairdressing 10 years ago, Moroccanoil was born. Their first product, Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, was the product that pioneered the world of oil infused hair, and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. Not only did it treat the hair, it was - and still is - a styling and finishing product.

When Moroccanoil held an event, this huge buzz meant everyone flocked to see what was going on. Nobody wanted to miss out on free samples or Moroccanoil merchandise! Because of the demand, Moroccanoil reached out to their stockists asking if anyone could help at their events. I was totally up for 2 days of fun in London. I loved Moroccanoil and jumped at the chance to spend time with the team and help out.

Moving stock, handing out samples and assisting stylists were just a few of the things I did at my first event. I met some incredible people and couldn’t wait to help out on future events with the team. Since then, I have worked on PR events starting at 4am at the coolest locations. In 2012 I worked at V festival styling hair by day and watching Ed Sheeran by night. I’ve styled hair for Paul Smith, Alice Temperley, Aadnevik and Osman at London fashion Week. I thrive off a busy schedule and with no two days the same, I absolutely love it. Not only do I still attend these incredible events, I’m now a Moroccanoil Educator for the U.K. I love meeting new people, teaching them tips and tricks I have picked up along the way, whilst also learning new things from them. Hairdressing is a rapidly changing industry and much like beauty, hair and fashion are in the eye of the beholder. So there is always room to up your skills and knowledge.

My first Moroccanoil education was in Ireland, three years ago. The venue was a beautiful converted church in the centre of Dublin. Considering my Nan (who I lived with for 10 years) was Irish, this was the first time I’d been over to visit. Finding out the venue was right next to the school my Nan used to work at, was a sign I was in the right place at the right time.

I’m a firm believer in you get what you give. When I’m asked to do something I will give it 100%. I also take every opportunity given to me, because you never know where the opportunities may lead.

 So here’s to the year of 10. 10 years at Pure Hair and 10 years with Moroccanoil. <3 






The Hairdressing Wage

This is a subject most people don’t want to talk about, and quite rightly too. There are many reasons why you may want to keep your wage private.

I would assume that with most jobs you get paid an hourly/day rate. Some jobs you can earn extra from overtime, and some jobs will include a bonus sceme. I would like to explain how my wage works.

Now, I’m not doing this just for the sake of it. I’m doing this because firstly, I feel hairdressing as a career choice is still frowned upon by many. I have had people ask me why I decided against College and University when I achieved good grades at GCSE level. I have also been told I’m quite intelligent for a hairdresser and should have pushed myself more. (Classic!)

Secondly I think SOME hair stylists are under paid due to unrealistic goals being set by their employers and that reflects badly on the salons that pay fairly.

Lastly, and the main reason, is due to a Cosmopolitan article I read 2 years ago. It still haunts me a little occasionally! We, as hairdressers were ranked the 4th worst paid job in the UK, earning on average £10,019 per annum. I know you need highs and lows to make an average, but to see that written in an article is enough to put anyone off starting a career in hairdressing.


So back to the wages...

I get paid on a commission basis. This means I get a percentage of the price I charge. I don’t have a target to hit to ensure payment of commission, I will always receive commission for every hair service carried out. My targets are only set so I can see how I’m doing over the month, they are not wage related.

I also receive commission on the products I retail. We stock, what we feel, are the best brands, and to recreate what I do in the salon and protect the hair, these products are needed. If my client has just spent £136 on their colour, they don’t want colour fade from a low quality supermarket bought shampoo. (Ekk!)


The retail commission percentage will increase if we choose to spend it on self development. I have used mine to pay for 2 courses in San Diego, to build upon my skills and knowledge, knowing self development will lead to promotion.

I’m happy with my pay structure however I have worked hard from day one. (Maybe not every day, but most days!) I got an apprenticeship wage when I first started (£320 every 4 weeks) and this was increased at the age of 18. Todays apprentices get paid a little more, the minimum apprenticeship wage is currently just under £600 every 4 weeks. The apprentices at my salon Pure Hair get paid more than the minimum apprenticeship wage during their 2nd year. When I qualified I worked hard to grow my client base, and with the help of my employers and recommendations from happy clients, I did that quickly.


With the realistic targets set and the fair percentage I get paid, I’m pleased to say I earned just shy of £40,000 last year. I was happy with that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room to grow.

To get a pay rise I need to receive a promotion.  A promotion will be given on knowledge, experience and request rate (How many clients ask for me). So when my prices increase, my wage will rise.


Another way is filling my day with higher paid services. I LOVE to colour, and colour will earn me more money as the service is a higher price.

I have worked in a salon where stylists don’t get paid on time; where colour stock is so low clients are lost because the desired result can’t be achieved; where the bottles at the shampoo area are filled with a supermarket brand because it’s cheaper! How can a commission based stylist reach their potential when they have to deal with this? (I didn’t work there for long!)


As much as hairdressing is branded one of the worst paid jobs, it's also said to be one of the happiest and most fulfilling jobs. For anyone wanting to start a career in hairdressing, do your research. It can take time to find the right salon, so don't settle. Find a salon who invest in their team, who put training first, and who's hairdressers look like they genuinely LOVE what they do. Don’t be put off by negative comments, unfair employees and scary articles.


Eufora - but not as you know

Eufora are a big love of mine. You may have read my post last week on why. This week I wanted to share with you some of the unique ways I use their products.

Eufora only use ingredients that benefit the hair, scalp or skin. These ingredients make some of Eufora’s products liquid gold when it comes to skin care.



Fortifi - After Sun Exposure

I have learnt as I’ve got older that sun exposure of any kind is not great for your skin. After years of running away from my Mum when she tried to put suncream on me as a child, and spending my teenage years trying to use oil (arhh!) on my extremely pale skin, I now stick to factor 50. I love being out in the sun, however even with my factor 50, I would still peel a week or so after returning from a holiday, due to my skin being dehydrated and damaged.

This changed when I discovered Fortifi spray. I no longer travel to sunnier climates with out it. Not only a great protein spray for hair, the high level of organic certified aloe vera makes this more hydrating on the skin than a standard aftersun. Mix the aloe with the natural proteins Fortifi contains, and you have a wonder product that when applied every day after sun exposure aids skin repair and can stop peeling. It keeps skin moisturised and when kept in the hotel fridge, feels utterly amazing when sprayed all over, after a hard day by the pool! This is one of my holiday must haves.



Beautifying Serum - Face Serum

It was around the time I started using factor 50 I also started a skin care routine. I have always had (what I’d class as) good skin, however I assume like a lot of teenagers, I neglected my skin when I was younger. As long as my face was covered in a thick coating of foundation, life was good. Once again, as I’ve got older, I have learnt more about skincare. It was 2 years ago at the age of 24 I started a skin care routine. I use 2 Eufora products in my skin care routine and my face always feels clean and healthy. Beautifying serum is the serum I choose to use in the morning and evening after cleaning and toning. The vitamin packed aloe moisturises and heals the skin, whilst the cranberry extract works as a great anti-inflammatory on any blemishes. Beautifying serum is lightweight, fast absorbing and non greasy. Making my skin feel hydrated, smooth and plump after every use.



Illuminate Shine Mist - Eye Make Up Remover

This is the second Eufora product I use as part of my skin care routine. Thank you Debbie Digby-Smith for sharing this secret! Illuminate Shine Mist sprayed liberally on a cotton wool pad, removes eye make up in one clean sweep.

I have very sensitive eyes and if I scrub too hard to remove my mascara, the delicate skin around my eyes can stay red for hours. Illuminate Shine Mist ensures my skin stays moisturised whilst the squalane (derived from the skin of an olive) melts away eye make up in a flash. 



The Aloe Therapy Range - Eczema

I’ll begin by saying this was not recommend to me by a doctor as a way of treating my son’s Eczema when he was 6 months old. I took it upon myself to use the range, as I believe the high quality ingredient would help sooth and improve the topical skin condition he was suffering with.

I use the soothing hair & body cleanse as bubble bath and to wash Arlo’s skin every other day. The aloe stem cells sooth and calm irritated skin, whilst the oat avenanthramides is scientifically proven to reduce redness and itchiness. I definitely noticed Arlo was itching less when I made this change to his bath time routine!

I also used the Aloe Therapy Hair & Body Mist twice a day to give Arlo added moisture and to help reduce redness and itchiness. In 2 weeks his legs and arms were eczema free, and the large red patch on his face had gone. I will continue to use Aloe Therapy on his sensitive baby skin to sooth, moisturising and maintain healthy skin.


Wedding Memories

Now I can’t be the only one looking forward to this weekends pending nuptials at Windsor Castle. It’s been so lovely to see such positive news in the build up to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The sunshine and lighter evenings have set us all in good stead for the weekend - and regardless of if you’ll be watching the Royal Wedding - I hope the sunshine continues so we can all enjoy a Pimms in the garden. I’ll be working Saturday, but I can’t wait to see photos. Meghan will undoubtedly look stunning, and obviously I can’t wait to see her hair. Not only do we have the Royal Wedding (15 minutes down the road!) I have organised a mini hen do for a very good friend on Sunday. My weekend will be wedding focused, spent with good people & eating good food with lots of laughs.

All this wedding talk has got me thinking about wedding hair I have created in the past, and what amazing experiences I have had with both clients and friends on the morning of their big day.

I have visited some incredible locations and met some amazing people along the way. I wanted to share with you some of my fondest wedding memories.

I have been colouring and cutting Niquita’s hair for about 6 years now. I remember her first appointment well. Niquita came in blonde and was looking for a darker root shadow to keep her colour low maintenance for her up and coming travels. On her return she came back to see me and still now, travels down from Oxford for regular appointments. We share a love for nice holidays, pretty jewellery and good afternoon tea! We never do the same colour twice, and Niquita always tells me she loves the colour before I’ve even combed it through! (You know the stage where you sit in the mirror, and your hair just looks wet and dark!) Niquita & James married at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, in 2016. When she asked me if I’d do the drive to style her hair for the wedding, I didn’t even have to think about it. I had a brilliant morning plaiting, curling and fixing fresh flowers in Niquita’s hair. I also looked after 5 of her beautiful bridesmaids. They all had different styles, however we incorporated plaits and twists in every style to keep the relaxed, boho theme consistent. The girls looked stunning, and the venue was like something out of a fairytale. I’m so glad I was part of Niquita’s wedding morning.

The most recent wedding I have had the pleasure of attending, was Katie and Steve’s wedding at The Bell Inn, Ticehurst. A beautiful pub wedding in an idyllic Village setting. I say ‘pub’ loosely, as the venue was like no pub I have ever visited. With quirky hotel bedrooms, outdoor rustic lodges and an impressive dance floor, I can see why The Bell was Katie and Steve’s chosen venue. I saw Katie 2 days before her wedding for a balayage refresh and believe it or not, a wedding hair trial! Katie has the most amazing hair, and it was only right to leave it down to show off the beautiful ash tones and never ending length! Katie opted for relaxed waves and lots of texture complimented by a beautiful veil. I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s dress, we share a similar taste in fashion and I just knew it was going to be one of the most amazing dresses I’d even seen. Katie wanted her bridesmaids to feel comfortable, therefore they all decided how they would wear their hair. From a sleek blowdry to a textured pixie cut, each bridesmaid had a completely different look. I’m still feeling the buzz from Katie’s wedding morning 3 weeks on. I can’t wait to catch up on our next appointment.

Last year on June 30th, I attended a very important wedding in Tuscany, Italy. My best friends, Stacey and Dan, tied the knot at the most wonderful ceremony surrounded by close friends and family up in the Tuscan Hills. Up until the last minute, we were unsure if we’d actually make the wedding. My son was due to be born on June 7th. To keep me on my toes (as I’m sure he will for the next 18 years!) Arlo arrived on June 16th. Arlo’s passport arrived 2 days before our flight and we made it! Stacey was extremely relaxed about her hair and told me to do what ever I wanted. I told her it was absolutely necessary to do a trial in the build up, I’m pretty sure she only agreed to a trial to keep me happy! We had such a relaxed morning by the pool, we didn’t actually spend a huge amount of time getting ready. I celebrated my best friends wedding in Italy with my 2 week old son. That’s a wedding I definitely won’t forget!