New Year Glow - Adeola Gboyega

“Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.”

I hope you all enjoyed my kick start to a feel good January with Emily Clarke (Busy Bee Well) last week. I’m super lucky to know lots of lovely ladies whose expertise help me daily (even if its a photo on instagram!) to feel good and I want to share their knowledge, because I know you will just love it.

I’m no make up artist, I’m lucky if I manage to apply my mascara with out blinking mid application and covering my eyelid. You’d think I’d have a steady hand in my job, however after years of trying to master a winged eyeliner - it just isn’t happening! However that’s not to say I don’t absolutely love the stuff. I’m a sucker for a shimmering eyelid and a bronzed cheek makes me feel good. I met Adeola last year, and I knew she was a make up artist before she told me, a Bobbi Brown Pro UK Artist to be precise. Her make up was flawless, and with a huge passion for what she does, it’s clear to see why she’s on the Bobbi Brown team. With a shared passion for wellbeing, jewellery, make up and blogging/vlogging, we quickly got talking and it only felt right I asked Adeola about this years make up trends to share with you all.

Glowing skin will always be in. What would you recommend for that post facial glow everyday?

Glowing skin is always in! So invest in a good skincare routine. Start with a twice a week exfoliation to slough away any dead skin cells and to reveal brighter, glowing skin. Exfoliation also allows for better absorption of your other skincare products such as serums. I would also invest in a serum high in Vitamin C to help maintain skin radiance such as the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. I use this every day under my moisturiser and it’s my secret weapon to a more radiant complexion! For an extra special glow, finish with the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm which gives the skin a lit from within glow!


What make up trends can we expect to see in 2019?

In 2019 expect to see naturally glowing skin as if you’ve just come from a facial. Barely there radiant makeup and big brows are here to stay!

If you prefer a more bolder look then experiment with shimmer or glitter on the eyes, or a bold graphic winged liner. It’s all about making a statement with your eyes!



When Christmas and the festive season a distant memory, is a bold red lip still acceptable in January?

A red lip is timeless and will always be acceptable even after the festive season. Choose tones such  as a classic pillar box red, (Very Parisian!) this kind of look was seen everywhere at Paris Fashion week. Just ensure to let the lips do all the talking and keep the rest of the makeup very minimal and nude. Try Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick in Parisian Red


Talk us through your fail safe make up look?

Most of my routine is giving my skin a good prep with the right skincare as this ensures that my makeup lasts longer and gives me my signature glow, which I love. I always wear the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base to prep before makeup. I love foundation so I mainly use a stick foundation for coverage where I need it. Concealer under my eyes and then a good lipstick is an essential for me as this just makes me feel more confident to take on the day!



So there you have it, food to glow from Emily and Make Up to glow with Adeola. Don’t just take these small snippets from me, head over to their social media for the most up to date info from the experts.




Nourish - Busy Bee Well

 “Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.”

With December and the festivities feeling like a distant memory, January is well known for being a dark, dreary month. One too many chocolates may have been eaten and washed down with copious amounts of Prosecco, it’s clear to see why we may not feel our best! The third Monday of January has even picked up the name, ‘Blue Monday’ - the most depressing day of the year apparently. With that is mind, I’ve teamed up with a group of individuals who motivate and uplift me daily to share with you their top tips on how to beat the winter blues and go in to 2019 feeling at your best. 

First up, and something I’m very excited to share with you all as my first post in 2019, is an interview with Emily Clarke, otherwise known as Busy Bee Well. I discovered Emily’s Instagram page last year and her website is now a firm favourite of mine. Filled with healthy tips and delicious recipes (you must all try the Apple Bread!) Emily’s website is my go to place when I need to find some inspo. Do you ever have them days where you just feel a little rubbish? Normally my rubbish days are because I’m fueled by the incorrect food that leave me feeling tired and lethargic. Incorrect nourishment, for me, makes everything seem that little harder. My energy is low, and I can’t have that at work (or home to be fair!). Emily never fails to inspire me and give me the information I need to eat well. I hope this interview inspires you all, and gives you a few important tips to feel as great as you possibly can in January, and throughout the year.


Hi Emily! I’m probably not the only one who over indulged over the Christmas period, it’s not uncommon to go in to January feeling a little sluggish. What would you recommend in the way of a January detox (if one at all?!) get us all back to feeling our best?

What a great question Laura! We have all tried a “detox” diet or two, if not more only to have them fail. The problem with these detoxes is that they’re based upon deprivation and restriction and after the “lightness” sets in,  we return to unbalanced eating patterns. The key to feeling your best in January is the same as it is the other eleven months - keep it simple.

1) Increase the amount of fresh still water you drink every day. Aim for three litres if you are a woman and four if you are a man.

2) Eat three balanced meals per day with at least half of your plate comprised of non-starchy steamed or fresh vegetables.

3) Move your body. Aim for half an hour of exercise four times per week.

The apple bread you need to try!

The apple bread you need to try!

Sugar is one of the most addictive ingredients out there, what’s the best way to curb that 4pm sugar craving? (Especially now we’re all hooked after Christmas)

Sugar is not only addictive, but it is toxic and highly inflammatory. Worst of all, there are so many names - 56 in total - for sugar that many people do not know how to identify them on food labels. The first step in eliminating your afternoon sugar craving is learning to recognize all forms of sugar that are feeding your addiction. Other names for sugar include but are not limited to: high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, sucrose, dextrose, rice syrup, and agave.

At Busy Bee Well I teach my clients to purposefully add in sweeter vegetables like beetroot, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, and squash to their meals to naturally reduce their refined sugar cravings. For example, by adding a sautéed onion to your morning omelette and beetroot to your afternoon salad, you will be nourishing your body with vegetables that satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day. So by the time 4pm comes around, you won’t have the urge to reach for a refined sugar calorie bomb that derails your day’s wellness efforts.

Finally, get a proper night of sleep especially during the week. Scientists have recently proven that lack of sleep blunts brain function linked to making healthy eating choices. By discontinuing screen time 60 minutes before bed and going to bed at the same time every night you will boost your brain’s decision making ability-including the ability to resit sugar cravings.



The supplement market is a very confusing one, with pills promising to make you feel more energised in a flash. Is there anything you’d recommend to help get back on track with nutrition?

Most supplements, in my opinion are a great way to make your pee very expensive! All kidding aside, so long as you are eating a well-balanced diet, all of your nutrients should be accounted for. However, depending upon your wellness goals you can boost your efforts over 30 or 60 day periods while you are forming new habits. For example, if your wellness goal is to improve digestion I would recommend adding in an aloe vera supplement in the mornings before eating or drinking. Aloe vera improves the digestive systems function while preventing bloating, constipation, and gas. There are supplements that I believe can be taken everyday to great effect. High quality Fish Oil and Vitamin B12. Fish Oil contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are essential to preventing and managing heart disease. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps prevent a form of anemia which causes people to become tired and weak. The main sources of vitamin B12 are animals, so if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or eat a largely plant-based diet, then this is the supplement to add in longterm.


I work until 8pm, so easy nutritious meals are a must when I get home late. Can you recommend some quick and easy recipes that are packed with all the good stuff, but don’t take long to make?

Meal prep and semi-homemade are the two key words that will keep you on track! Whenever you do have time to cook, abide by this principle: cook once and eat three times. Eat what you have prepared once and put the other two servings in either the refrigerator or the freezer for later. With regards to semi-homemade, do not be afraid to buy high quality, organic, precooked quinoa (a complete plant-based protein), cauliflower rice, bone broths, etc. These readymade items easily pair with fresh or frozen veggies in dishes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

One of my favorites are veggie packed fritatta muffins. They’re high in protein and you can customize them any way you like! My base recipe is: https://www.busybeewell.com/veggie-packed-mini-frittatas/


With Blue Monday a few weeks away - the day where the most sick days are taken, due to people feeling down, anxious and not 100% - what would you recommend to ensure we get to Monday 21st January feeling refreshed and the best version of ourselves.

Avoid anything extreme. Over the holidays you likely overindulged, do not try to reverse this by depriving and restricting yourself. Instead, return to a pattern of balanced eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise to prevent mental, physical, and emotional burnout. If you have never kept a gratitude journal, this is the year to give it a go. Everyday write down three to five (or more!) moments that made you smile. These can be anything from waking up without pressing the snooze button, drinking all three litres of water, or finding the perfect shade of pink for your manicure. Now, whenever you are having a tough moment or you’re feeling anxious, sad, or ready to quit, you have a notebook filled with your accomplishments and reasons to keep going! Remember your wellness journey is about progress and not perfection.



Emily’s above tips and recommendations will 100% help me go in to the New Year feeling my best, and I guarantee if you take Emily’s advice you will too!

Instagram - @busybeewell

Website - www.busybeewell.com

My Fall Overhaul

Didn’t Summer treat us well? Warm sunshine on top of warm sunshine, no wonder the colder weather has come as a bit of a shock. I’m taking the change of season as the perfect opportunity to concentrate on caring for my skin and hair. I absolutely love autumn. The changing colours, dusting off my boots and outerwear, cranberry and copper hued make up, my list goes on. However, I suspect the sudden change in temperature, combined with windier and wetter weather has contributed to my skin breaking out and my hair feeling dry. Over the last month I’ve been working on getting my skin and hair back to its best and I’d like to share with you some miracle products I’ve been using along the way.


I had the pleasure of meeting skin care guru Renee Lapino at a PR event back in summer. I now watch her Instagram stories daily and what she says, goes. A trained medical facialist, Renee specialises in treatment, skincare, and lifestyle advice to achieve and maintain glowing skin. As I mentioned the drop in temperature, mixed with broken sleep (courtesy of my 1 year old), and a small amount of stress (courtesy of a house move!) my skin wasn’t feeling 100%. Cue Renee’s recommendations and my skin no longer feels dry or itchy. First up, Fillerina Day Cream Grade 1. Dubbed as ‘filler in a tube’ this day cream promises to smooth away fine lines, whilst plumping and hydrating. It felt gentle on my sensitive skin, and worked quickly providing day long hydration. It’s a yes from me! Not only did I notice visible improvement, this wonder product doubled up as a long lasting primer. Before switching up my skin care routine, I’d notice early afternoon my face start to itch, especially around my nose and top lip. Fillerina and I believe my next hero product have stopped itchiness and fully reduced redness.


When my skin feels compromised, the last thing I want to do is cover my face in make up. It makes my skin feel tight, increases sensitivity and the redness can make me feel a little self conscious so it’s a vicious circle. I use foundation to cover the problem, however long term the clogging probably does more damage. (It’s not easy, is it?!) Renee, the Queen of Skin, pointed me in the direction of Oxygenetix foundation (shade - ivory). Not only does Oxygenetix address a wide range of skin problems, it can be applied directly to compromised skin to give even colour/coverage whilst supporting the skin’s healing process. A firm favourite amongst Medical Facialists, it can be used following surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments to support collagen production and skin cell growth. It took daily use over 5 days to eliminate the problem, but it genuinely helped and felt great on my skin. I will be sticking with this little 15ml miracle, if it’s good enough for Kourtney Kardashian, it’s good enough for me!


My blonde beach waves call for 4 monthly bleach highlights and weekly heat styling - 2 of the main culprits contributing to breakage and dryness. Teamed with the colder weather and the drying effects of central heating, my hair needed soon TLC. My mid lengths and ends were starting to feel a little dryer than usual, you know that feeling when your hairbrush pulls on little knots - that was me. Luckily this problem was combated in one swift hair wash. A detoxing shampoo using Eufora’s Urgent repair was my first port of call. Now here’s a fact that not even many hairdressers know - Hard water has a negative effect on your hair. It makes your colour dull, the minerals from hard water build up on the strands and stop your hair swaying like it should. If your water leaves water marks on your shower door, the chances are you live in a hard water area. (UK hard water map.) Eufora Urgent Repair deeply cleanses the hair removing hard water and product build up. The clean fresh feeling Urgent Repair gives is hard to describe! It makes my hair feel lighter, more volumised at the root, it stays cleaner for longer, it’s just wonderful!


With a clean canvas, next up is Moroccanoil Mask Light. I use this mask regularly through out the year as a twice monthly mask, however it can be used in replacement of conditioner for an intense hit of moisture. A teaspoon sized amount through mid lengths and ends left for 5 minutes transformed the textured of my hair instantly. The knots are gone for good, and my hair is soooo much easier to blowdry. I’ll be using my Moroccanoil Mask Light in place of my conditioner in to the cold winter months, to help keep my blonde locks healthy.