The Dyson Airwrap.

When I first saw the promotional video back in October last year, it was love. I felt the Dyson Airwrap would be the answer to all my at home bouncy blowdry struggles. I had visions of my heated rollers going in the loft and my tongs going in to storage, because Dyson’s new Airwrap technology was like nothing I’d seen before. Not only for curls, the Dyson Airwrap comes with 8 attachments to dry, straighten, curl and volumise. It was the ‘Airwrap’ part of the product I was drawn to. A tong shaped barrel in 2 sizes that attracts each strand of hair using Dyson’s Coanda effect technology. With gentle heat the Dyson Airwrap attracts the hair to the barrel to smooth, lift and curl hair, I wanted it there and then. I love creating big curly blowdrys on others in the salon, however trying to do my own hair isn’t easy. It takes me about an hour and the arm ache is very real! Could the Dyson cut down on drying time and achieve the bouncy blowdry I’d like everyday? 


With a draw stocked full of other professional electricals - including GHD and Babyliss -  in fine working order and a price tag of £399.99 (This is for the volume +shape kit, prices range from £399.99 to £449.99.) It wasn’t an item I could buy there and then, So when I got the chance to try out it, I was excited to see what it would do for my hair. 

After reading some reviewers comment on how their Airwrap curls fell out after a few hours, my hairdresser logic wondered if they’d used appropriate products to hold and volumise the style. So with that it mind, I added Moroccanoil’s Thickening Lotion to my usual line up to give thickness and a soft hold.


Like anything new, it took me a while to suss out the Airwrap technology whilst looking in the mirror. Once I got going, I had a pretty good rhythm! I used the hottest setting to wrap, completed with a cold shot before letting the hair go, and resisted touching the curls to really let them set in their shape. The blowdry took me longer than hoped it would. 42 minutes to be precise, however my curls looked incredible. My roots were bouncy, my hair looked smooth and shiny. Considering the Airwrap attachment doesn’t have any bristles like a brush, I was very pleased. I wasn’t put off by the time it took because I hoped I could trim it back now I’m familiar with how to use it. 

I left the house and felt my hair bounced with every step, but unfortunately it didn’t stand the test of time. An hour later the volume had dropped and my curls had relaxed. Leaving me with the kind of curl I can achieve everyday with my Babyliss wand. Don’t get me wrong, I like a more relaxed curl, thats just not what I’m looking for in a new electrical. I started to think maybe I need to add more product? Maybe I need to pin each curl? However that contradicts why I wanted the airwrap in the first place. I wanted to save time whilst creating a big bouncy blowdry.

With that being said, I won’t be saving up for the Dyson Airwrap right now. I currently don’t have the time to spend 40 minutes plus on my hair in the morning, and for the odd occasion I do, I’ll use my heated rollers. It may be an option when my little one is older and I have more time to get ready but right now I’ll be sticking with my fail safe 10 minute beach waves. When I get the opportunity to have a second go with a stronger product (Moroccanoil Root Boost) and the smaller Airwrap barrel (I used the 40mm, there is all a 30mm), I promise to report back! As I finish writing the review, I’m still staring at my photo above thinking, maybe I should just order it…