Seasonal Colour Change

If you cast your mind back to this time last year, you may remember reading a blog post titled ‘Spring Colour Change.’ I had taken Janet’s hair from a rich copper hue to a beautiful golden blonde ready for Spring. My intention was to adapt Janet’s colour seasonally to keep it looking it’s best and also to make sure Janet’s colour was current and felt new and exciting each season. Much like we are experiencing now, the sunshine (after a longgg cold winter) makes us fancy a little change. My Spring colour is booked in and I’m super excited to have a little change ahead of spring. (Two highlights in my fringe and a toner should do the trick!)

I’d asked Janet if she’s be up for seasonal colour tweaks, and explained it didn’t necessary mean going from one extreme to the other. Our mantra at Pure Hair is ‘Better Than Natural Looking Colour.’ and I wanted to showcase how the use of balayage and blended colour can be changed frequently, whilst maintaining good condition and a different look that can still work with your skin tone. Janet was happy to oblige, and we spent our first appointment discussing options for the year ahead! 

First up, a lift for spring. This appointment being the lengthiest appointment due to removing previous colour. A 4 step process including 2 Zalon colour removers, a root tint and balayage, followed by a toner. Zalon is a colour remover that only removers artificial pigment from the hair, making sure zero damaged is caused. (Some colour removers bleach the hair, therefore removing artificial and natural pigment, causing dryness and damage.) I believe this gentle colour remover set me up in good sted for our spring/summer transition to blonde and help keep Janet’s hair long and healthy. 


Janet likes to have her roots coloured every 3 weeks, (she won’t mind me sharing her secret - there are a few greys that need covering and her hair grows very quickly!)  So 3 weeks later we opted for a ‘camouflage colour.’ With exactly the same root colour that I previously used, an inch either side of the parting and around Janet’s hairline is coloured. It’s a short appointment that keeps those roots in check until the full appointment is needed. With 3 colour appointments until our summer transformation I used a mixture of toning, root covering and glossing to keep Janet’s hair looking fresh, keep the condition at its best and keep the cost down. Balayage doesn’t have the be refreshed every appointment, it’s amazing how a treatment and a toner can lift the colour back to its best. 

 Fast forward to summer, and I lifted the blonde higher and brighter to give a natural, sun kissed, golden blonde hue. I re-balayaged, to add more blonde, however kept the balayage away from Janet’s hair line. The darker root colour is more flattering against Janet’s skin tone and we didn’t want the colour to look too artificial, as this can give harsher roots and look un-natural. This may work for some, but in this case we opted for subtle face framing colour. Janet loved her lighter look, so much so it saw her through wthe beginning of autumn. 





 My intension was to carry out 4 transformations. (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) However... Janet was really feeling her blonde locks! The warm weather rolled nicely in to Autumn and I wouldn’t dream of taking someone darker for my benefit, therefore we waited until Winter. When Janet felt ready for her next change we decided to use a mix of subtle and bright copper tones to add warmth and dimension. You’ll notice throughout the 3 photos, Janet’s root colour is very similar. As mentioned before, by keeping the colour consistent at the root and against Janet’s hairline, the transformation doesn’t feel like too much. To keep the tone bright at home, Janet will use a copper coloured conditioner and I would imagine going forward, we’ll go back to our treat & tone top up appointment’s before adding a light sprinkling of warm blonde when the clocks change!


Myself and Janet aren’t the only one’s who love a seasonal hair overhaul, it keeps things interesting and as the saying goes, change is good! I love to work with my clients to keep their colours fresh, on trend and exciting and I hope this has shown you how you don’t have to go from one extreme to the other to achieve a new look. A single highlight and slight tone adjustment can contribute towards a huge colour change. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, get in touch.