New Year Glow - Adeola Gboyega

“Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.”

I hope you all enjoyed my kick start to a feel good January with Emily Clarke (Busy Bee Well) last week. I’m super lucky to know lots of lovely ladies whose expertise help me daily (even if its a photo on instagram!) to feel good and I want to share their knowledge, because I know you will just love it.

I’m no make up artist, I’m lucky if I manage to apply my mascara with out blinking mid application and covering my eyelid. You’d think I’d have a steady hand in my job, however after years of trying to master a winged eyeliner - it just isn’t happening! However that’s not to say I don’t absolutely love the stuff. I’m a sucker for a shimmering eyelid and a bronzed cheek makes me feel good. I met Adeola last year, and I knew she was a make up artist before she told me, a Bobbi Brown Pro UK Artist to be precise. Her make up was flawless, and with a huge passion for what she does, it’s clear to see why she’s on the Bobbi Brown team. With a shared passion for wellbeing, jewellery, make up and blogging/vlogging, we quickly got talking and it only felt right I asked Adeola about this years make up trends to share with you all.

Glowing skin will always be in. What would you recommend for that post facial glow everyday?

Glowing skin is always in! So invest in a good skincare routine. Start with a twice a week exfoliation to slough away any dead skin cells and to reveal brighter, glowing skin. Exfoliation also allows for better absorption of your other skincare products such as serums. I would also invest in a serum high in Vitamin C to help maintain skin radiance such as the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. I use this every day under my moisturiser and it’s my secret weapon to a more radiant complexion! For an extra special glow, finish with the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm which gives the skin a lit from within glow!


What make up trends can we expect to see in 2019?

In 2019 expect to see naturally glowing skin as if you’ve just come from a facial. Barely there radiant makeup and big brows are here to stay!

If you prefer a more bolder look then experiment with shimmer or glitter on the eyes, or a bold graphic winged liner. It’s all about making a statement with your eyes!



When Christmas and the festive season a distant memory, is a bold red lip still acceptable in January?

A red lip is timeless and will always be acceptable even after the festive season. Choose tones such  as a classic pillar box red, (Very Parisian!) this kind of look was seen everywhere at Paris Fashion week. Just ensure to let the lips do all the talking and keep the rest of the makeup very minimal and nude. Try Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick in Parisian Red


Talk us through your fail safe make up look?

Most of my routine is giving my skin a good prep with the right skincare as this ensures that my makeup lasts longer and gives me my signature glow, which I love. I always wear the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base to prep before makeup. I love foundation so I mainly use a stick foundation for coverage where I need it. Concealer under my eyes and then a good lipstick is an essential for me as this just makes me feel more confident to take on the day!



So there you have it, food to glow from Emily and Make Up to glow with Adeola. Don’t just take these small snippets from me, head over to their social media for the most up to date info from the experts.