My 2019 Trend Menu

Once upon a time, trends were mainly dictated by what we see at fashion week. Designers pave a path and show us exactly what to expect for the up and coming season. We get an insight into what we should be wearing, how we should be styling our hair, and even what colour and shape our nails should be. Now this may not be very ‘fashion’ of me to say, but I always think quite a lot of the hair and beauty trends seem to be exactly the same as the season before, just with a fancy new name. However these fancy names mean big buinsness, because like most things new and current, people want it. For years I wanted a balayage, when actually what I really wanted was my same old super fine highlights, I just wanted to tell people I had a balayage. Why do we do that?! Trends come and go at a much quicker pace than they used too. I put this down to the power of social media. I have put together a small trend menu of what I expect to see more of in 2019. 


I’ll start with my favourite - the sharp bob. My favourite because I feel like I’ve seen this haircut evolve over the last few years. 2017 brought us  ‘The Midi.’ 2018, the world went ‘Lob’ crazy. (Long bob for anyone who missed that one!) Now here we are, the only way was up and the short bob is in, in a big way. A classic precise cut sitting happily somewhere between your jawline and shoulders. Try wearing your parting over to the side with a loose undone wave, or put down your tongs and go straight and smooth to really show off this precise cut.  



If you’ve seen my previous blogs, you’ll know I’m a sucker for hair accessories. My favourite this year being the little black bow. Understated enough to ensure you don’t look like you’ve borrowed it from an 8 year old, but bold enough to make a statement. Now much like the short bob, it’s been done before, of course it has! However I just wanted to share a tip I learnt backstage at the Temperley Show a few years ago - We simply made the bows as we went out of velvet ribbon, therefore making the size bespoke to the hair we had to work with. Genius! (And probably cheaper.) 



Last but not least, white blonde. When I say white blonde I don’t mean grey, silver or ash, I just mean white. I very rarely see an ash head of hair that looks an even ash from root to ends. That’s not to say it wasn’t perfect to begin with, it just takes a lot of commitment to keep that tone and when the colour isn’t maintained it results in a mix of warmth and ash. That fresh ash tone (generally) only has a small window of looking good. We have to think about maintainance, appointment frequency and the upkeep cost and I feel 2019 will see an increase in a more natural, just been on holiday white blonde. 



This is just a small snippet of what I expect to see in salon this year, and with Victoria Beckham spotted wearing a little black bow the day before this blog went live, it looks like my 2019 trend predictions may be correct!