Eufora - but not as you know

Eufora are a big love of mine. You may have read my post last week on why. This week I wanted to share with you some of the unique ways I use their products.

Eufora only use ingredients that benefit the hair, scalp or skin. These ingredients make some of Eufora’s products liquid gold when it comes to skin care.



Fortifi - After Sun Exposure

I have learnt as I’ve got older that sun exposure of any kind is not great for your skin. After years of running away from my Mum when she tried to put suncream on me as a child, and spending my teenage years trying to use oil (arhh!) on my extremely pale skin, I now stick to factor 50. I love being out in the sun, however even with my factor 50, I would still peel a week or so after returning from a holiday, due to my skin being dehydrated and damaged.

This changed when I discovered Fortifi spray. I no longer travel to sunnier climates with out it. Not only a great protein spray for hair, the high level of organic certified aloe vera makes this more hydrating on the skin than a standard aftersun. Mix the aloe with the natural proteins Fortifi contains, and you have a wonder product that when applied every day after sun exposure aids skin repair and can stop peeling. It keeps skin moisturised and when kept in the hotel fridge, feels utterly amazing when sprayed all over, after a hard day by the pool! This is one of my holiday must haves.



Beautifying Serum - Face Serum

It was around the time I started using factor 50 I also started a skin care routine. I have always had (what I’d class as) good skin, however I assume like a lot of teenagers, I neglected my skin when I was younger. As long as my face was covered in a thick coating of foundation, life was good. Once again, as I’ve got older, I have learnt more about skincare. It was 2 years ago at the age of 24 I started a skin care routine. I use 2 Eufora products in my skin care routine and my face always feels clean and healthy. Beautifying serum is the serum I choose to use in the morning and evening after cleaning and toning. The vitamin packed aloe moisturises and heals the skin, whilst the cranberry extract works as a great anti-inflammatory on any blemishes. Beautifying serum is lightweight, fast absorbing and non greasy. Making my skin feel hydrated, smooth and plump after every use.



Illuminate Shine Mist - Eye Make Up Remover

This is the second Eufora product I use as part of my skin care routine. Thank you Debbie Digby-Smith for sharing this secret! Illuminate Shine Mist sprayed liberally on a cotton wool pad, removes eye make up in one clean sweep.

I have very sensitive eyes and if I scrub too hard to remove my mascara, the delicate skin around my eyes can stay red for hours. Illuminate Shine Mist ensures my skin stays moisturised whilst the squalane (derived from the skin of an olive) melts away eye make up in a flash. 



The Aloe Therapy Range - Eczema

I’ll begin by saying this was not recommend to me by a doctor as a way of treating my son’s Eczema when he was 6 months old. I took it upon myself to use the range, as I believe the high quality ingredient would help sooth and improve the topical skin condition he was suffering with.

I use the soothing hair & body cleanse as bubble bath and to wash Arlo’s skin every other day. The aloe stem cells sooth and calm irritated skin, whilst the oat avenanthramides is scientifically proven to reduce redness and itchiness. I definitely noticed Arlo was itching less when I made this change to his bath time routine!

I also used the Aloe Therapy Hair & Body Mist twice a day to give Arlo added moisture and to help reduce redness and itchiness. In 2 weeks his legs and arms were eczema free, and the large red patch on his face had gone. I will continue to use Aloe Therapy on his sensitive baby skin to sooth, moisturising and maintain healthy skin.