Spring Colour Change

In 2018 I will be giving Janet seasonal colour changes to show how the smallest of tweaks can set you up in good stead for the up and coming season. Today we have started with the Winter - Spring colour transformation.


I predict this to be the most lengthy appointment. Purely because we are removing dark colour pigment from the hair.


To do this safety I am using a colour remover that DOES NOT lift the natural hair colour. Zalon, a new remover to the market but it has most definitely make an impact. Please note I know Janet’s hair colour history. So I know, 100%, the colour remover will work well.


If you have a build up of dark colour on your hair, please be aware the lightening process could take longer than one appointment, and please ask for a strand test pre appointment. If your aim is ash blond and that dark won’t budge, you need to get a long term plan in place with your colourist to reach your target. Orange hued, candy floss texture is not currently a trend. (I don’t think it will be next year either.) But this subject needs a blog of its own!


Back to Janet, the colour will be done in 3 stages. Colour remover, balayage and tone. The colour will (like natural hair) be darker at the roots and lighter around the hairline and through out the mid length and ends. My aim is to create colour that blends seamlessly whilst maintains health, shine and condition.


Fast forward 4 hours and here are the results of our spring colour.



 During - After 1 application of Zalon.

During - After 1 application of Zalon.


Our finished result after a customised balayage, toner, olaplex, cut and blowdry. 

Janet is exactly where she want’s to be for the warmer months ahead. Zalon successfully removed last year’s warmth and allowed us to create a soft golden balayage. 


I have listed below what this appointment entailed.

Appointment time - 4 hours

Services carried out & cost -

Zalon colour remover, £45

Customised balayage, £124

Olaplex, £18.85

Toner, £12

Cut and Style, £55

Total £254.85