Wedding Memories

Now I can’t be the only one looking forward to this weekends pending nuptials at Windsor Castle. It’s been so lovely to see such positive news in the build up to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The sunshine and lighter evenings have set us all in good stead for the weekend - and regardless of if you’ll be watching the Royal Wedding - I hope the sunshine continues so we can all enjoy a Pimms in the garden. I’ll be working Saturday, but I can’t wait to see photos. Meghan will undoubtedly look stunning, and obviously I can’t wait to see her hair. Not only do we have the Royal Wedding (15 minutes down the road!) I have organised a mini hen do for a very good friend on Sunday. My weekend will be wedding focused, spent with good people & eating good food with lots of laughs.

All this wedding talk has got me thinking about wedding hair I have created in the past, and what amazing experiences I have had with both clients and friends on the morning of their big day.

I have visited some incredible locations and met some amazing people along the way. I wanted to share with you some of my fondest wedding memories.

I have been colouring and cutting Niquita’s hair for about 6 years now. I remember her first appointment well. Niquita came in blonde and was looking for a darker root shadow to keep her colour low maintenance for her up and coming travels. On her return she came back to see me and still now, travels down from Oxford for regular appointments. We share a love for nice holidays, pretty jewellery and good afternoon tea! We never do the same colour twice, and Niquita always tells me she loves the colour before I’ve even combed it through! (You know the stage where you sit in the mirror, and your hair just looks wet and dark!) Niquita & James married at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, in 2016. When she asked me if I’d do the drive to style her hair for the wedding, I didn’t even have to think about it. I had a brilliant morning plaiting, curling and fixing fresh flowers in Niquita’s hair. I also looked after 5 of her beautiful bridesmaids. They all had different styles, however we incorporated plaits and twists in every style to keep the relaxed, boho theme consistent. The girls looked stunning, and the venue was like something out of a fairytale. I’m so glad I was part of Niquita’s wedding morning.

The most recent wedding I have had the pleasure of attending, was Katie and Steve’s wedding at The Bell Inn, Ticehurst. A beautiful pub wedding in an idyllic Village setting. I say ‘pub’ loosely, as the venue was like no pub I have ever visited. With quirky hotel bedrooms, outdoor rustic lodges and an impressive dance floor, I can see why The Bell was Katie and Steve’s chosen venue. I saw Katie 2 days before her wedding for a balayage refresh and believe it or not, a wedding hair trial! Katie has the most amazing hair, and it was only right to leave it down to show off the beautiful ash tones and never ending length! Katie opted for relaxed waves and lots of texture complimented by a beautiful veil. I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s dress, we share a similar taste in fashion and I just knew it was going to be one of the most amazing dresses I’d even seen. Katie wanted her bridesmaids to feel comfortable, therefore they all decided how they would wear their hair. From a sleek blowdry to a textured pixie cut, each bridesmaid had a completely different look. I’m still feeling the buzz from Katie’s wedding morning 3 weeks on. I can’t wait to catch up on our next appointment.

Last year on June 30th, I attended a very important wedding in Tuscany, Italy. My best friends, Stacey and Dan, tied the knot at the most wonderful ceremony surrounded by close friends and family up in the Tuscan Hills. Up until the last minute, we were unsure if we’d actually make the wedding. My son was due to be born on June 7th. To keep me on my toes (as I’m sure he will for the next 18 years!) Arlo arrived on June 16th. Arlo’s passport arrived 2 days before our flight and we made it! Stacey was extremely relaxed about her hair and told me to do what ever I wanted. I told her it was absolutely necessary to do a trial in the build up, I’m pretty sure she only agreed to a trial to keep me happy! We had such a relaxed morning by the pool, we didn’t actually spend a huge amount of time getting ready. I celebrated my best friends wedding in Italy with my 2 week old son. That’s a wedding I definitely won’t forget!