There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a beautifully themed Instagram layout, created by uploading photos with the same filter so every photo matches. Back in the day (before smart phones and apps) black and white and sepia were our only options. But now we have hundreds of filters and editing tools at our disposable on various apps.


I edit my photos, and I’m sure every flat lay on my blog has a warm hazy filter over the top to make it more pleasing to my eye - vsco T1 to be precise. I never filter photos when showcasing  colour work as it wouldn’t show the true result.


I love using photos as a tool when talking about colour, however it amazes me how many photos I see that aren’t real. You’d never know because the filter/editing looks real enough, but when you’ve seen the exact same photo in a different colour that is the give away. The ash blonde trend took photo fakery to a whole new level. There’s a beautiful photo of Cara Delevingne sporting an ash grey hue. The image isn’t real, the grey never happened. In a ‘Cara Delevigne Hair’ search on Pinterest you’ll see the original photo and the same with various filters on.


I shout FUGAZI at my iPhone way too much. (Wolf of Wall Street fans, you know.) Generally shaking my head at the same time. Here is an example of an image I altered earlier.





These edits took me about 10 minutes to make. Granted - if you look closely this isn’t the best editing. (Finger drawing on an iPhone screen) However I did it on a free app to prove how easily it can be done. I have posted the real photo below for those interested. 

image1 5.jpeg


There is absolutely nothing wrong with faking it in some cases. But what I don’t agree with is trying to pass a fake photo for real work. If I was to upload a photos to Instagram with the caption, ‘From copper to pink in one sitting!’ I’d be misleading my audience to believe this was achievable and it could encourage them to try the same. Not only will they be hugely disappointed when it doesn’t work, they might also think their hairdressing isn’t capable because someone else managed it. 


As I previously said I love to play with filters, however not on my work page. I use a ring light and an iPhone to take my photos and recently I’ve been making the background whiter to make my layout more appealing. If I was to filter the hair I’d only be making my life harder long term when someone requests the same non-existent filtered image.(FUGAZI!) Relevant to every social media aspect, don’t believe everything you see to be correct representation of reality, and hairdressers, stop filtering.