What’s more exciting than a visit to the salon for a full colour? Well let me tell you - said colour looking just as good, without a root in sight 8 weeks later!


I give you babylights. The traditional highlight’s baby sister. Smaller, finer and delicate in appearance. Used to create a soft blended look whilst keeping hair colour looking better than natural.


By leaving space between the foils and following the natural curvature of the head, babylights are also a perfect option to contour the face with lighter pieces, (Natural colour will always be lighter on the ends and around the hairline.) Also a great alternative when you want to change up a balayage. I don’t go a day in the salon without using this technique. Here are some examples of my recent work.

Please follow me on Loren's last appointment to see if babylights are something that could work for you. I have coloured Loren’s hair for 8 years, and babylights have been our choice of technique for the last 2. We keep the colour current by changing tone, and occasionally adding a darker root, because as we all know,  change is good. A subtle change can lift your mood and actually make you feel pretty special! After all, your hair is one of the first things you see when you look in the mirror.

Loren leaves her colour in my hands, and with a pending holiday just over a week away, it was time to take that golden blonde tone whiter and excentuate Loren’s natural lighter hairline. 

 If I’m totally honest Loren’s hair looked great when she came in. I found myself questioning how long it had been since we last coloured. It had been 10 weeks. Loren wanted a colour purely for a change, not because her roots were bothering her.




I used one colour to babylight, knowing Loren’s natural colour would act as a second. Followed by a toner, Sensus inBlonde to be precise. The inBlonde range tones the hair beautifully and evenly at a slow and steady pace. Meaning the longevity of the tone will last a lot longer than your average toner.





As you can see in the photos, we have lifted the hair blonder and opted for an ash tone . You may notice the root area still looks darker than the ends. This is the beauty of a babylight. Loren won’t notice her roots as her hair grows out, but we have still achieved a beautiful bright blonde. Complimented with a long textured bob, perfecto!


Babylights aren’t a trend - they’re a modern way of colouring, used to keep colour looking stripe free and natural. Low maintenance, current and lived in, babylights are 100% for you if you don’t want roots dictating when you need a colour appointment.