Hair After A Baby

4 months in to my pregnancy, my hair was the best it had EVER been. For someone who usually washes their hair every other day, I could get 5 days and not even have to dry style. (Don’t judge me, the tiredness was real!) My curls were bouncy, the shine was incredible and my natural oils had done a runner, because it just looked fresh at all times. 

I remember my Mum saying to me it wouldn’t stay like that, and it would probably start to fall out after I gave birth. I had seen this happen to others post pregnancy, but I just had the feeling it wouldn’t happen to me.


Having ‘perfect’ hair during pregnancy and the first 3 months after were a God send. I didn’t have time to think about myself whilst looking after a new born. So the whole ‘good hair day everyday’ was a great help. A big shout out to Mother Nature for keeping my estrogen levels high and sorting me out.

After pregnancy, estrogen levels drop. This is when the shedding begins. And gosh, it begun. I genuinely thought a spider was crawling down my back when it first started to fall out in the shower. It was however, just a rather large clump of hair making its way to the shower tray. This continued for a few months and I couldn’t believe how much I was losing. I was always pleasantly surprised when I blowdried my hair, as I expected to see bald patches. However when it started to grow back, I realised it was mostly lost from around my hair line.


Not only did my hair shed. The natural oils returned and I’m back to styling my hair daily, and using a dry shampoo on day 2. (Maybe day 3 too!) As much as I knew hormones can affect hair, after experiencing these sudden changes personally, I can’t believe just how much they can.

To keep my hair looking healthy whilst it was growing back, I have been having regular haircuts to keep a blunt shape. I have also been using The Eufora Thickening Collection. The collection comprises of 5 products, each formulated to ensure the scalp is at its healthiest, to encourage healthy hair growth.  


 The Eufora thickening range promise to restore fragile and thinning hair in 30 days - or your money back. Eufora’s ProAmino Cell Complex works to improve the health of the hair follicle and scalp, ensuring the hair can grow to its best potential. Teamed with the vital vitamins needed for healthy hair growth, I felt I would really benefit from the Eufora Thickening collection.  If you’re not familiar with Eufora, I have linked a previous blog post on why I use and recommend their products. (Click here to read.)

The hair loss continued for about 6 months, however fast forward another 6 months and my hair is back to its best. The condition feels good, it feels thicker and my post pregnancy hairline is now at a length where it no longer flys in the wind.  All I have to worry about now is my super strong one year old pulling it out!