A Night of Pure Terror


So its Halloween weekend, and a skeleton and Cruella de Vil walk in to a bar...  

 ...No really! They were closely followed by a clan of creepy clowns and the wicked Witch of the West. It was clear to see something was going on in the neighbourhood, but there was no need to call Ghostbusters, because these scary party goers had gathered for Pure Hair’s annual fundraiser, ‘A Night Of Pure Terror.’ 



Our annual fundraisers have never been a small affair, and previous events including a sports day, 3 charity balls and a Studio 55 disco night, Pure Hair have managed to raise a staggering £82,259.91 total for various charities so far. If you have been to one of our events you’ll know Val and Ben pull out all the stops to raise as much money as possible whilst making sure our guests have a blast. This year was no different, and the planning was well underway back in Spring. With a venue to find, raffle/auction prizes to source, tickets to sell and a halloween theme to create, these things don’t just happen over night.



This year party goers arrived to cobwebbed covered wrought iron gates, the entrance genuinely looked like something from a haunted house film set. Windlesham Golf Club had been transformed into full on halloween madness. All props had been made by hand, included larger than life spiders, light up trees with arms for branches and bubbling caldrons, that bubbled all night. The scary shenanigans didn’t end there, and as I made my way to the dance floor through a dimly lit hall, the actors went in for the kill. There’s nothing quite like a bunch of hiding clowns jumping out at you to make your heart beat a little faster!

It didn’t stop there, with ‘Sweeny Todd’s Auction’, a ‘Joker’s Draw’ and a raffle, prizes included a 2 week holiday in Portugal, a spa day for 2 at Coworth Park (Prince Harry’s local haunt!), an iPad, and much much more. With all the money from ticket sales also going to our chosen charity, ‘The White Lodge Centre’.


The White Lodge Centre supports disabled children, young people and adults, their families and carers in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas. They specialise in care for those with a diverse range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and other similar conditions. They’re recognised as a centre of excellence where all the services they offer consistently attain the highest possible standards. It costs over £2.5 million a year to run the White Lodge Centre which is not fully met by statutory sources, so they rely on voluntary donations to maintain these vital services. They are based on a wonderful two-acre site with landscaped gardens, a special sensory garden and three purpose-built buildings. Please visit their website, www.whitelodgecentre.co.uk, to see how you can help.


I’m pleased to say we raised just over £13,000 this year for The White Lodge Centre, taking out total to over £95,000. Pure Hair scared, because they cared! I’d like to thank Val, Ben, Ray, Cheryl, Mike and Dan for a great party. I’m sure our next fundraiser is already being planned behind the scenes, so watch this space and have a great Halloween!