Hair After A Baby

4 months in to my pregnancy, my hair was the best it had EVER been. For someone who usually washes their hair every other day, I could get 5 days and not even have to dry style. (Don’t judge me, the tiredness was real!) My curls were bouncy, the shine was incredible and my natural oils had done a runner, because it just looked fresh at all times. 

I remember my Mum saying to me it wouldn’t stay like that, and it would probably start to fall out after I gave birth. I had seen this happen to others post pregnancy, but I just had the feeling it wouldn’t happen to me.


Having ‘perfect’ hair during pregnancy and the first 3 months after were a God send. I didn’t have time to think about myself whilst looking after a new born. So the whole ‘good hair day everyday’ was a great help. A big shout out to Mother Nature for keeping my estrogen levels high and sorting me out.

After pregnancy, estrogen levels drop. This is when the shedding begins. And gosh, it begun. I genuinely thought a spider was crawling down my back when it first started to fall out in the shower. It was however, just a rather large clump of hair making its way to the shower tray. This continued for a few months and I couldn’t believe how much I was losing. I was always pleasantly surprised when I blowdried my hair, as I expected to see bald patches. However when it started to grow back, I realised it was mostly lost from around my hair line.


Not only did my hair shed. The natural oils returned and I’m back to styling my hair daily, and using a dry shampoo on day 2. (Maybe day 3 too!) As much as I knew hormones can affect hair, after experiencing these sudden changes personally, I can’t believe just how much they can.

To keep my hair looking healthy whilst it was growing back, I have been having regular haircuts to keep a blunt shape. I have also been using The Eufora Thickening Collection. The collection comprises of 5 products, each formulated to ensure the scalp is at its healthiest, to encourage healthy hair growth.  


 The Eufora thickening range promise to restore fragile and thinning hair in 30 days - or your money back. Eufora’s ProAmino Cell Complex works to improve the health of the hair follicle and scalp, ensuring the hair can grow to its best potential. Teamed with the vital vitamins needed for healthy hair growth, I felt I would really benefit from the Eufora Thickening collection.  If you’re not familiar with Eufora, I have linked a previous blog post on why I use and recommend their products. (Click here to read.)

The hair loss continued for about 6 months, however fast forward another 6 months and my hair is back to its best. The condition feels good, it feels thicker and my post pregnancy hairline is now at a length where it no longer flys in the wind.  All I have to worry about now is my super strong one year old pulling it out! 








The Creative Head Awards ‘18

Picture this - it’s 7pm at The Natural History Museum. The champagnes flowing and the atmosphere buzzing. London’s iconic Museum has been transformed into the party place to be. 650 hairdressers and industry greats all dressed to impress for one of the main events in the hairdressing calendar, The Creative Head It List and Most Wanted awards ‘18.

Errol Douglas MBE couldn’t be missed in a bright red blazer, whilst Sophia Hilton wowed in an embellished black dress, her signature yellow hair styled to perfection. There’s excitement in the air and the entrance to the museum is quickly filling with guests dressed to impressed. Our industry is a creative one, and this creativity definitely shone through. With beautiful ballgowns, one of a kind suits and hair backcombed to new heights, it’s the perfect occasion to dress up, show your individual style and celebrate hairdressing with like minded, fun people.


The prestigious event sold out in under 5 minutes and as finalists in the ‘Best Local Salon’ category we were lucky enough to be in attendance. Cocktails and canapés to start in Fossil Way, followed by a 3 course dinner in Hintze Hall. Surrounded by truly stunning architecture and dining beneath the skeleton of a 25 metre blue whale made this awards ceremony such a surreal evening.


With category’s including ‘Award for Innovation’ and ‘Best Salon Experience’ it was a great opportunity to see what others are doing to set themselves apart and really stand out. Best Salon Experience was won by Stil. A Scandi inspired salon nettled in Notting Hill. Whilst Stewart Roberts won the Award for Innovation. Stewart set up Haircuts4Homeless back in 2014 after seeing a video of a man cutting hair for the homeless in New York. He now has 300 volunteers in 45 locations and has issued over 35,000 haircuts. “You have never really lived, until you have done something for someone who can’t repay you.” A haircut for a homeless person isn’t just a haircut, it’s talking to someone for 45 minutes, it’s being listened too and time away from everyday life. It was clear to see Stewart felt overwhelmed upon receiving this award, but for me this was the stand out award of the evening.


We made it to the final for ‘Best Local Salon.’ Our entry put together by Ben Hunt to showcase the work we do for people in our local community. One of our stylists Jan, spends her Sunday Mornings in Guildford working with a charity called Greenlight cutting hair for the homeless. 2 years ago Val teamed up with Regenerate Rise. A charity with a mission to eradicate isolation within the U.K, Val welcomed a group of elderly ladies to the salon for a pampering day with our apprentices followed by afternoon tea in our local cafe, Randall’s. An opportunity for these ladies to have a great day out, something they can’t do on their own. It’s not until you hear about charities like Regenerate Rise that you realise how lucky you are to be surrounded by family and have people to talk to every day.

As a salon we have raised over £82,000 for various charities and with our next charity event coming up in October, wouldn’t it be great to push that figure well in to the £90k?!


We didn’t win ‘Best Local Salon’ however when you break down everything we do as a team it really was the taking part over the year’s that counts and doing what we do for others that really matters.

The Creative Head It List and Most Wanted awards was an opportunity for us to spend time together as a team, catch up with our friends with in the industry and it’s safe to say we all left feeling inspired and maybe ever so slightly merry!

A Day With Pure PR


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of representing Moroccanoil at Pure PR’s press day. The event was an opportunity for Pure to showcase the brands and products they represent to press, influencers and bloggers. With a ‘back to school’ theme the team had turned an empty art gallery in Eastcastle Street, London, in to The Pure Academy. A restaurant/show room of dreams, filled with an array of hair, beauty and wellbeing brands.  Back to school because the brands Pure PR represent are all top in their field.

Moroccanoil will soon be launching a revolutionary colour care line in the UK.  A 360 degree approach to caring for coloured hair. It was my job to introduce people to the line - I can’t wait to share more information about it with you guys soon! It was also an opportunity to reveal our Christmas gift boxes, whilst of course offering dry styling. Beach waves and braids seemed to be the order of the day, so I kept my Moroccanoil Original Treatment and Dry Texture Spray close to hand.


I was surrounded by hair, beauty and wellbeing product lines. This is literally my idea of heaven! I spend my day working along side Sergio from E.L.F. A vegan make up a range and let me tell you why I was so excited about this! As a green eyed human being the best colour to compliment my eyes is purple. Now I’m (very) allergic to a product called Carmine. A red colouring derived from crushed beetles to create vibrant purple and copper tones in make up. I saw E.L.F’s bright purple eye shadow staring at me from across the room, and being a vegan range I knew this meant no carmine therefore it wouldn’t make me swell up like a balloon! Hallelujah!

Aromatherapy Associates are a brand I have used previously. But if I’m honest I didn’t know a great deal about them. After chatting to Christina, their global director of education, I have learnt about the wellbeing benefits linked to aromatherapy oils. Did you know essential oils can be used to aid stress and sleep? They can be used to boost your energy levels and relax the mind. I definitely think I need to spend more time focusing on relaxing my mind. Something as little as introducing the appropriate blend of essential oil in your daily routine could reduce fatigue and make you feel more relaxed and ready for your day. I left with the deep relax roller ball, a fragrance formulated to bring out peace and relaxation.

Last by not least I had the pleasure of working along side Renee Lapino. One of the best in the skin care business, Renee was representing Goldfaden MD. A skin care range utilising state of the art technologies, Goldfaden MD is one of Renee’s go to brands to work with. If I’m honest I wanted it all, however my stand out product was Doctors Scrub. A ruby crystal microderm Exfoliator that leaves skin hydrated whilst removing dead skin cells. The results could be seen instantly. I’ve only used this product twice and my face has never looked so good. I opted for no make up after use because my face just felt so fresh and so clean (clean!) I’m literally amazed and although it’s only September I will be adding some other Goldfaden MD products to my Christmas list. (*Boyfriend rolling eyes whilst reading this*)

Imagine a working day socialising with like minded people whilst sharing knowledge on products you love. The team from Pure are a dream to be around. Passionate about the brands they work with and all round cool girls. Like the new kid in class I was made to feel welcome and can’t wait to see them at London Fashion week soon.


There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a beautifully themed Instagram layout, created by uploading photos with the same filter so every photo matches. Back in the day (before smart phones and apps) black and white and sepia were our only options. But now we have hundreds of filters and editing tools at our disposable on various apps.


I edit my photos, and I’m sure every flat lay on my blog has a warm hazy filter over the top to make it more pleasing to my eye - vsco T1 to be precise. I never filter photos when showcasing  colour work as it wouldn’t show the true result.


I love using photos as a tool when talking about colour, however it amazes me how many photos I see that aren’t real. You’d never know because the filter/editing looks real enough, but when you’ve seen the exact same photo in a different colour that is the give away. The ash blonde trend took photo fakery to a whole new level. There’s a beautiful photo of Cara Delevingne sporting an ash grey hue. The image isn’t real, the grey never happened. In a ‘Cara Delevigne Hair’ search on Pinterest you’ll see the original photo and the same with various filters on.


I shout FUGAZI at my iPhone way too much. (Wolf of Wall Street fans, you know.) Generally shaking my head at the same time. Here is an example of an image I altered earlier.





These edits took me about 10 minutes to make. Granted - if you look closely this isn’t the best editing. (Finger drawing on an iPhone screen) However I did it on a free app to prove how easily it can be done. I have posted the real photo below for those interested. 

image1 5.jpeg


There is absolutely nothing wrong with faking it in some cases. But what I don’t agree with is trying to pass a fake photo for real work. If I was to upload a photos to Instagram with the caption, ‘From copper to pink in one sitting!’ I’d be misleading my audience to believe this was achievable and it could encourage them to try the same. Not only will they be hugely disappointed when it doesn’t work, they might also think their hairdressing isn’t capable because someone else managed it. 


As I previously said I love to play with filters, however not on my work page. I use a ring light and an iPhone to take my photos and recently I’ve been making the background whiter to make my layout more appealing. If I was to filter the hair I’d only be making my life harder long term when someone requests the same non-existent filtered image.(FUGAZI!) Relevant to every social media aspect, don’t believe everything you see to be correct representation of reality, and hairdressers, stop filtering.

An Interview with Emma Chen


I have been following Emma on Instagram for a couple of years now. It was the textured up-do's and flawless make up that got me hooked! On many occasions I have tried to recreate Emma's hair and make up look on myself and clients. With daily tips in her stories I have picked up so many new tricks. Emma has 142k followers, replies to all social media enquiries and with a fully booked schedule I'm sooooo grateful to Emma for fitting in the time for this interview. I'd highly recommend a read for any one wanting to get started in the hair/beauty industry. Emma took a risk going it alone and it has certainly paid off! 


 Emma, you are undoubtedly one of the best hair and make up artists in Australia right now, but what came first, hair or make up? 

Omg your so sweet! I’m not sure if that’s true but I appreciate the love. I started off as a hairdresser when I finished school, I liked it but always saw it as a back up career. I first applied to do a Tafe photography course, but it was too expensive for my parents at the time. I ended up staying in hairdressing for almost 10 years. I was good at hairdressing but was too much of a worry wart. I would stress about every colour and never ever in ten years did I feel 100% comfortable cutting and colouring. I had been applying for admin jobs for months and couldn’t get an interview. So in 2013 I decided to do a short course in makeup (x2 nights a week for 3 months ) just for fun. I never imagined myself to be a makeup artist or dreamed of being able to make a full time living from it. As they say the rest is history...



You have the relaxed beach wave down to a fine art. What are your top tips for textured beachy hair? (Us British like to pretend we’ve come straight from the beach!) 


Not over styling the hair, the key is to use your clients natural texture and add to it not try to change it.



If you had to pick one product for your make up kit to give the glow we see so often in your photos, what would it be and why?


Becca Opal Liquid , as you can apply it on the highs of the face under foundation , you can mix it in with your foundation also to give a more luminous finish and its also great for the chest area .



You have always replied to my social media messages, that I am very grateful for! How long do you spend on social media a day? 


Omg it can be a struggle working full time and trying to keep up to date with all the social channels, emails etc. But I would say on average I spend 1-2 hours on insta throughout the day, trying to reply to messages, comments and of course uploading content.



If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


Morocco, I’m obsessed with all the imagery I see on insta and don’t even get me start on the rugs and homeware they make and sell!



Run us through a day in the life of Emma Chen?


This is a hard one as every day is sooo different. Usually I will re pack my kit from the day before and do a cross check to make sure I have everything for the job that day. I tend to do a lot of driving to Byron so I always make sure I download a good playlist for the drive. Once my shoot has wrapped up I always come home and shampoo all of my brushes and sponges. A lot of artists only use brush cleaner on their brushes to sanitise however I love how soft they feel once they're washed and I find the shape holds better.  I will then try to get to my emails while my husband cooks dinner (I'm lucky I know!) and then recently we have been addicted to the TV show Married At First Sight, so we will watch that!



When thinking about your career so far, what has been the most defining moment and why?

For me it would be at the start of my career & remembering all the fear I had in taking a leap of faith and going out on my own, free lance. I never thought I was good enough to make it. It was a defining moment the day I quit working for others, truly backed myself and took that massive risk. I was 29 at the time, so financially I was scared as I had so many responsibilities, but it paid off! I worked so hard and took every single opportunity there was. No way I was going to let myself fail.




Lastly where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I would love to travel a bit more with work and take on some different types of jobs to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Emma is a true example of hard work paying off. Incredible talent teamed with a good work ethos - a match made in heaven! The above photos are all Emma's work. For all things hair, make up give Emma a follow. Emma fills my feed with beautifully bronzed faces and I bookmark pretty much every hair up. Emma's stories are also quite funny, and you know - that always helps! 

Thanks again Emma, come and see us in England soon. (It may rain a little too much, but we make good tea!)

Instagram - emmachenartistry

Facebook - emmachenartistry

Collaborations -

Instagram Inspiration

I, Laura Bell, am an Instagram addict, and I’m totally ok with admitting that! For me, I use it as a tool to draw inspiration from people I look up to, including hairstylists, make up artists, fashionistas and bloggers. 

I pick up fashion tips daily from @emmahill. Whilst @emmachenartistry is my go to girl for all things make up. If I’m unsure how to style my hair, a quick flick through @beyondtheponytail gives me enough inspo for a months worth of textured up-do’s.

My camera roll is one big album filled with screen shots of images I have fallen in love with, to the point I’ve now made folders. So when I need to find that colour formulation I screen shot 2 weeks ago, I can find it quickly in my ‘hair’ folder.


Below are some of the accounts that inspire me daily and the reasons they’re at the top of my search list.



Location - London

Followers - 427K

Emma was always going to be my first! Do you know, I think we’d made good friends. (too weird?!) Emma’s Instastories have me in hysterics daily, her blazer collection is beyond anything you’ve ever seen and her jewellery collection - my word! Emma’s blogs are honest and current. I love following Emma and her Husband Simon on their daily adventures. She makes me laugh out loud and her vlogs definately make my 3am night feeds a little more bearable!




Location - Barcelona

Followers - 118k

Audrey’s cool. Too cool. Just looking at her golden insta feed takes me to sunnier climates. High street fashion teamed with vintage designer and the perfect golden tan - perfection.  Audrey recently uploaded a photo wearing a one shoulder black swimsuit from primark. It took me straight to Oxford Street in search. You’ll be glad to know, I found it!




Location - Australia

Followers - 140k

I give you the best in the business from down under! Emma Chen. Emma’s feed is filled with texture on top of texture on top of beautiful head scarfs and the most beautifully bronzed faces. Emma was the reason I ditched the perfect curl and now opt for textured beach waves. I no longer feel bad for using a whole can of Moroccanoil dry texture spray in 4 weeks. If I ever go to Aus, I will 100% be signing up to one of her classes. Check back next week for an interview with Emma Chen!




Location - Worldwide

Followers - 1.3m

If you’ve read my post on olaplex, you’ll know I keep a bottle close for when colouring hair. I personally treat my hair with olaplex weekly, and with a 1.2m following - olaplex are clearly doing something right.

@olaplex is the feed to visit for hair colour inspiration. They share the most amazing transformations from stylists worldwide, therefore pointing me in the direction of the best colourists from around the world. I have learnt new colouring tips and tricks, amazing formulations and more in-depth science behind the colouring process. Not just for the hair professional, a great account for hair inspiration. 




Location - Worldwide

Followers - 270k

Founded by @angelacattanaehair, this amazing collection of photos showcase the work of some of the best hair artists from around the world. My first Instagram search if I’m needing some styling inspirations. A great account featuring knots, braids and festival hair. My hair accessories collection has quadrupled since following this account.


If these accounts are new to you, I hope they bring you lots of fashion, make up and hair happiness. I’d love to know the Instagram accounts that inspire you and why. Let me know if there are any hidden gems you think I’d love to follow! 

An evening with Monica Vinader


When I recently got an invite to a get together at Monica Vinader’s Duke of York Boutique, I jumped at the chance. A sunny afternoon spent wandering around Knightsbridge, followed by an evening browsing jewellery, eating canapés and drinking champagne sounded like the perfect opportunity to take some time out for myself. (Probably resulting in spending money!)

Over the last few years, Monica Vinader have become one of my most favourite jewellery brands. Whenever I go to London I’m drawn towards one of their 5 boutiques. I wear gold, rose gold and silver, and obviously needing pieces in every colour, means I have built up quite a collection. (If my boyfriends reading this he will be shaking his head!)


The event was a thank you to customers for their on going support, in celebration of Monica Vinader’s 10 year anniversary and to launch their new AW18 campaign. 

I wasn’t too sure what to expect upon arrival, however I was greeted by friendly staff, a buzzing atmosphere and a glass of champagne. I had a lovely couple of hours trying different jewellery combinations at their styling station and learning about the inspiration behind the latest collection. All the jewellery I was wearing was cleaned for me, to make it look as good as new and as I was leaving, I was given a very generous gift bag.




My gifts included an engravable rose gold charm, an engravable silver charm, Monica Vinader candles and jewellery cleaning kits. I love getting my jewellery engraved, but on this occasion I decided to go away and have a think about what I’d like on my new pieces. (Since writing this I have decided to take a Birthday Card from my Mum and Boyfriend, and have their writing engraved on my two new charms.) This inevitably means another visit to Monica Vinader very soon, and I’m totally ok with that! With free parking and no congestion charge on a Sunday, a trip to London is our go to day out. I tend to find Sloane Square and The King’s Road a quieter spot. With Zara, Cos, Monica Vinader and some lovely restaurants all within walking distance it’s a great place to go for a relaxed wander. 




I left Monica Vinader with a spring in my step, probably due to the 7 bags of new jewellery. (I just can't help myself!) The sun was still shining so before heading home I met a friend on South Bank for a catch up in the sunshine. All in all, a lovely Thursday afternoon.


This last photo shows my chosen pendant combinations. I have linked them below. 

Gold Cuff

Rose Gold Necklace, Nura Reef Pendant, Nura Teardrop Pendant, Amazonite Pendant

Silver Necklace, ID Tag Pendant (similar linked), Riva Diamond Pendant










My Italian Mini Break Essentials

I spend most of my holiday in bright flowing dresses. The kind of dresses I feel I just can’t get away with back home. I’ve built up quite a collection over the years and when teamed with delicate gold jewellery and simple sandals, I feel good but stay cool whilst exploring.

This year we stayed at a small villa in the Tuscan hills. A small village called Fiasole, five minutes away from Florence. Close enough to venture in to the Tuscan capital, but far enough away to relax in the tranquil surroundings.


After lazy breakfasts and mornings spent by the pool, we spent our afternoons exploring. I have never been disappointed with Italy. I love the history, architecture and of course the food. My boyfriend planned this trip and he found some incredible places to eat and the best spots for afternoon cocktails.  My 1 year old stayed at home with Grandparents, so I could spend a little extra time getting ready in the evenings before dinner. I like to use my everyday products whilst away, because I know they work for me. Hotel product packaging can look nice, but it just isn’t the same!


Long weekends away call for hand luggage only, meaning I plan ahead when it comes to packing. I plan my outfits (down to accessories) in advance and prepare my 100ml travel sized hair and beauty products in a clear wash bag.


This year packing was made easy by Moroccanoil. Their mini travel sizes are 100ml or under and don’t take up too much room in my cabin sized case. I opted for the ‘destination repair’ kit. Including a Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. A Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Original, and the styling product I can’t live with out - Dry Texture Spray. All containing nourishing, antioxidant rich argan oil, this is the perfect combination for hydrated, healthy locks. 


In regards to skin care, it had to be Eufora Beautifying Serum. For hair, skin and scalp, I may as well bathe in it! I apply it to my face twice a day and this is a MUST for holidays due to the soothing cranberry extract. Mosquitos, do what you’ve got to do, because Beautifying Serum will take away the redness and itchiness in a flash. I keep a travel size in my handbag, and have been known to whip it out when my friends have had skin complaints in the past. Spot? Beautifying Serum. Bite? Beautifying Serum. You get the gist! 



Travelling light made this trip easier from the get to. We used local buses and walked around Florence with our cases. This wouldn’t have been fun with a 20kg case in 35 degree heat! Travelling light is something I’m become quite good at. So until next time, my travel sized bottles will be saved in my little clear lightweight bag, ready to top up! 






Head to Toe Argan Experience

If you read last weeks blog, you’ll know I have been celebrating ‘The Year of Ten.’ Ten years in the industry, ten years at The Pure Hair Salon and ten years with Moroccanoil.


It would seems there’s celebration all round, as it was ten years ago Moroccanoil pioneered a new category in the beauty industry. Moroccanoil took the hair industry by storm with their signature product, Moroccanoil Treatment Oil. A decade later, Moroccanoil now offer a full line of hair and body products - all infused with the finest argan oil.


In celebration, Moroccanoil have launched a 10 year Anniversary set. Consisting of two products to give you the complete head-to-toe argan experience.



Moroccanoil Treatment

The original foundation for hairstyling, and the product that created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. Infused with the finest antioxidant rich argan and shine boosting vitamins, this wonder product reduces drying time, detangles, treats and smooths. When used correctly a bottle of Moroccanoil Treatment Oil will last month after month. To ensure the oil stays protected from natural and artificial light it’s beautifully packaged in an amber glass bottle. A luxurious addition to any dressing table display.

My Top Tip

Instead of using straighteners after blow drying, run a pea sized amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Oil through mid lengths and ends to give your blowdry an extra smooth finish and add even more shine.



Dry Body Oil

This award-winning weightless formula instantly nourishes the skin. Antioxidant rich argan oil, along with olive and avocado oil absorbs quickly in to the skin to lock in moisture, soothe dry areas and improve the skins texture and tone. 

My Top Tip

Add a few drops to the bath. The delicate scent teamed with a relaxing bath are a match made in heaven.



The Moroccanoil 10 year Special Edition boxes are avalible now, at The Pure Hair Salon, whilst stocks last.

 £40 (worth £54.85)


The year of 10

Monday 18th February, 2008. It seems like yesterday I started my apprenticeship at Pure Hair. I was 16 at the time and living with my Mum. I had just met my boyfriend and didn’t really have a care in the world. Fast forward 10 years, I’ve been a stylist for over 7 years and I’m a self employed educator for Moroccanoil. I now live in my own home (with the same boyfriend!) and I’m a Mum to the most beautiful, full of life, 1 year old. It makes my head hurt if I think about it too much! Where on earth did those 10 years go? And how have so many significant life changing events happened?!

I wouldn’t say I started work with a plan of how I wanted my future to look. I have been given great opportunities, not only from Pure Hair, but from all our product lines. And let me tell you, hairdressing education is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! I’ve attended a Paul Mitchell education in Rome. (John Paul Dejoria, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, also owns Patrón Tequila - that was a good weekend!) I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the factory in Tuscany where our colour line, Sens.ús is formulated and made. Not only was the Eufora education in San Diego one of the best events I’ve been to, San Diego at Halloween is on another level! 

At the same time I started my career in hairdressing 10 years ago, Moroccanoil was born. Their first product, Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, was the product that pioneered the world of oil infused hair, and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. Not only did it treat the hair, it was - and still is - a styling and finishing product.

When Moroccanoil held an event, this huge buzz meant everyone flocked to see what was going on. Nobody wanted to miss out on free samples or Moroccanoil merchandise! Because of the demand, Moroccanoil reached out to their stockists asking if anyone could help at their events. I was totally up for 2 days of fun in London. I loved Moroccanoil and jumped at the chance to spend time with the team and help out.

Moving stock, handing out samples and assisting stylists were just a few of the things I did at my first event. I met some incredible people and couldn’t wait to help out on future events with the team. Since then, I have worked on PR events starting at 4am at the coolest locations. In 2012 I worked at V festival styling hair by day and watching Ed Sheeran by night. I’ve styled hair for Paul Smith, Alice Temperley, Aadnevik and Osman at London fashion Week. I thrive off a busy schedule and with no two days the same, I absolutely love it. Not only do I still attend these incredible events, I’m now a Moroccanoil Educator for the U.K. I love meeting new people, teaching them tips and tricks I have picked up along the way, whilst also learning new things from them. Hairdressing is a rapidly changing industry and much like beauty, hair and fashion are in the eye of the beholder. So there is always room to up your skills and knowledge.

My first Moroccanoil education was in Ireland, three years ago. The venue was a beautiful converted church in the centre of Dublin. Considering my Nan (who I lived with for 10 years) was Irish, this was the first time I’d been over to visit. Finding out the venue was right next to the school my Nan used to work at, was a sign I was in the right place at the right time.

I’m a firm believer in you get what you give. When I’m asked to do something I will give it 100%. I also take every opportunity given to me, because you never know where the opportunities may lead.

 So here’s to the year of 10. 10 years at Pure Hair and 10 years with Moroccanoil. <3 






Festival Hair

It’s the second week of Summer and crazy things are happening. My hairdryer has been unplugged, as I’m letting the warm air take care of drying my hair. My foundation is at the bottom of my make up bag, because my freckles are out in full force. I’ve even got a bottle of rosè chilling for the weekend. (Girl gone crazy.) I am. Totally. Feeling. Summer!

Summer is the most relaxed season, don’t you think? Clothes are brighter, my hair is lighter. And I will most definitely colour my hair rose gold to match said chilling rosè, because why not?!

Another huge part of Summer is the festival scene, and us Brits don’t do too badly when it comes to festivals. We may not have Coachella, but with Lovebox and Latitude next week, Wireless, V Festival and Reading in August, we do have a great Summer line up. Festivals are all about enjoying good music with good people - rain or shine - and if it’s not the perfect time to experiment with fashion, hair and make up, when is?! I'm talking glitter on top of tassels on top of diamonds, with bright make up thrown in for good measure.

Primark have introduced a new range for Summer - Glitter Junkie. With their beauty department rapidly growing, highly pigmented glitters and beautifully designed body gems are just a few of the things I picked up when I discovered Primark’s new Glitter Junkie range. Perfect for festivals, and Summer parties alike, I’d like to show you a few of the looks I have created using these festival accessories and Moroccanoil. 


Glitter Partings

At just £1.50 for a test tube full of the most amazing Glitter Junkie sparkle - I took one in every colour! I prepped Helena’s Hair with Moroccanoil Treatment Original and Moroccanoil Mending Infusion to create a smooth, shiny canvas ready to Dutch braid. Braids are the best way to keep hair in a secure style that won’t budge for days. Great for a 3 day festival. Once braided, I applied Moroccanoil Extra Firm Hairspray all over, holding the can 30cm away from the hair, followed by an additional spritz up and down the parting holding the can much closer. The hairspray looked slightly wet on the parting section, perfect for the glitter to adhere to. I then sprinkled the glitter down the middle and used the cold setting on my hairdryer to set the sparkle in place. 

I picked up the glitter in white, pink, silver and blue. Complete with water soluble body glue, this is a great accessory for body and hair art.





Glitter Junkie Body Gems

Body gems over the last few years have got bigger and better. The trend started with small clusters of gems for the face. But now you can get body gems for practically anywhere on the body. The gems I used to create Helena’s festival look came in a pack of two (£3.00) and are actually designed to sit on the back of your thighs, just under your shorts. When I saw them, I felt it was something different and went perfectly with our pink theme. To create Helena’s lived in beach waves, I used a medium tong, leaving the ends completely straight. Not forgetting Moroccanoil Perfect Defense to protect from the heat. After shaking the waves out. I finished the look with a healthy dose of Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. Great for effortless, undone waves that need to last through the weekend.



The Midi Rings

These cute midi rings are just that - rings designed to wear on your fingers. But once again I wanted to experiment, and for a pack of 10, £1.50 was a very affordable option to create my last festival inspired look. With Helena’s waves already prepped from our last look, I added more Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray before braiding to give added grit. This makes the hair much easier to work with when using small sections. Using the rings is as easy as twirling the hair around with your finger to make it smaller, and sliding the ring down the hair. I then added the next section of hair, (much like you would with a French plait) and repeated with the next ring. I tied the ring mohawk and braids together with a clear band and finished with a relaxed topknot.



My festival accessories cost £6, an absolute steal considering I can reuse them all. I would highly recommended a visit to your local Primark to stock up on all festival essentials! I will be keeping my glitter in my salon kit, so if you fancy a bit of sparkle after your blowdry - let’s go crazy! 







The Hairdressing Wage

This is a subject most people don’t want to talk about, and quite rightly too. There are many reasons why you may want to keep your wage private.

I would assume that with most jobs you get paid an hourly/day rate. Some jobs you can earn extra from overtime, and some jobs will include a bonus sceme. I would like to explain how my wage works.

Now, I’m not doing this just for the sake of it. I’m doing this because firstly, I feel hairdressing as a career choice is still frowned upon by many. I have had people ask me why I decided against College and University when I achieved good grades at GCSE level. I have also been told I’m quite intelligent for a hairdresser and should have pushed myself more. (Classic!)

Secondly I think SOME hair stylists are under paid due to unrealistic goals being set by their employers and that reflects badly on the salons that pay fairly.

Lastly, and the main reason, is due to a Cosmopolitan article I read 2 years ago. It still haunts me a little occasionally! We, as hairdressers were ranked the 4th worst paid job in the UK, earning on average £10,019 per annum. I know you need highs and lows to make an average, but to see that written in an article is enough to put anyone off starting a career in hairdressing.


So back to the wages...

I get paid on a commission basis. This means I get a percentage of the price I charge. I don’t have a target to hit to ensure payment of commission, I will always receive commission for every hair service carried out. My targets are only set so I can see how I’m doing over the month, they are not wage related.

I also receive commission on the products I retail. We stock, what we feel, are the best brands, and to recreate what I do in the salon and protect the hair, these products are needed. If my client has just spent £136 on their colour, they don’t want colour fade from a low quality supermarket bought shampoo. (Ekk!)


The retail commission percentage will increase if we choose to spend it on self development. I have used mine to pay for 2 courses in San Diego, to build upon my skills and knowledge, knowing self development will lead to promotion.

I’m happy with my pay structure however I have worked hard from day one. (Maybe not every day, but most days!) I got an apprenticeship wage when I first started (£320 every 4 weeks) and this was increased at the age of 18. Todays apprentices get paid a little more, the minimum apprenticeship wage is currently just under £600 every 4 weeks. The apprentices at my salon Pure Hair get paid more than the minimum apprenticeship wage during their 2nd year. When I qualified I worked hard to grow my client base, and with the help of my employers and recommendations from happy clients, I did that quickly.


With the realistic targets set and the fair percentage I get paid, I’m pleased to say I earned just shy of £40,000 last year. I was happy with that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room to grow.

To get a pay rise I need to receive a promotion.  A promotion will be given on knowledge, experience and request rate (How many clients ask for me). So when my prices increase, my wage will rise.


Another way is filling my day with higher paid services. I LOVE to colour, and colour will earn me more money as the service is a higher price.

I have worked in a salon where stylists don’t get paid on time; where colour stock is so low clients are lost because the desired result can’t be achieved; where the bottles at the shampoo area are filled with a supermarket brand because it’s cheaper! How can a commission based stylist reach their potential when they have to deal with this? (I didn’t work there for long!)


As much as hairdressing is branded one of the worst paid jobs, it's also said to be one of the happiest and most fulfilling jobs. For anyone wanting to start a career in hairdressing, do your research. It can take time to find the right salon, so don't settle. Find a salon who invest in their team, who put training first, and who's hairdressers look like they genuinely LOVE what they do. Don’t be put off by negative comments, unfair employees and scary articles.



I have been working with Olaplex for over 2 years and I fell in love with their revolutionary product instantly. Olaplex has completely changed my thought process when colouring hair. Olaplex allows me to go ahead with colour changes that once weren’t possible, without causing damage.



Brought to us by Dean Christal and designed by 2 scientists, Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Material and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry. Olaplex is the product that has changed hairdressing.


Olaplex is a single active ingredient. (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate - very scientific!) Designed to reconnect bonds that have been broken by the process of colour, heat and mechanical damage. Olaplex repairs the internal structure of the hair, and can be used when colouring to prevent damage whilst repairing. It can also be used as a stand alone treatment to repair the hair in salon, or at home. 


The internal structure of hair is made of disulfide bonds. These bonds are linked together from roots to ends. I think of these bonds like a shoe lace threaded through the eyelets. When tied together your shoe is secure, strong and can take the movement as your walk. When left loose the eyelets become weakened, therefore you’d be more prone to tripping and causing damage along the way. Olaplex re-links any broken bonds in the hair, to make the internal structure strong again.

As previously mentioned Olaplex can be mixed with colour to prevent damage and repair. As a hairdresser who looks after lots of beautiful blondes and regularly carries out big colour changes, Olaplex is a great tool I always keep close to hand. Not to be confused with a magic wand, Olaplex will only work if there are still bonds present in the hair. In very extreme cases hair can be so damaged, there aren’t bonds present. Stand alone Olaplex treatments and regular cuts would be recommended to get the hair back at its best before even thinking about colour if this was the case.


Below I have coloured 2 pieces of hair to show a comparison. The hair is real hair and had previously been bleached.

Formula 1 /Right photo - Deco (a form of lightener/bleach) and 30 volume.

Formula 2/Left photo - Deco (a form of lightener/bleach), 30 volume and Olaplex.




A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can clearly see the difference in the condition of the hair. After washing both pieces of hair, I roughly dried them without using any product. I could tell the hair coloured without Olaplex looked finer at the time of drying, but it wasn’t until I came back to them a few days later I could really see the difference. The over bleached piece of hair had swollen, looked angry, broken and frazzled. Whilst the piece of hair coloured with olaplex still maintained its original shine and strong structure.

The product I used to bleach the above hair was a strong formulation. It wouldn’t be a formula I would use on hair that has already been lightened, it’s clear to  see the damage that has been caused. If you are thinking about a drastic change or you feel your hair is not at its best condition wise, speak to a professional before your colour appointment and ask for a strand test so you can see what would happen on a smaller strand, before going ahead with the complete change. Search for a salon who uses Olaplex. Patented technology that works. 

It’s important to look after your hair from the inside out. If the structure is strong, goodness will follow. I’ve had clients comment on how their curls have come back to life and been less frizzy. I’ve had clients tell me their hair has never been so long. I personally used to dread having my hair cut, as it never seemed to grow. (It obviously grew, it just didn’t stay attached at the ends!) Now I’m having a solid inch cut off every time. Looking after your hair internally, backed up with a selection of suitable products to cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair with at home, will 100% give you the best from your hair.


Olaplex prices start at £18.85  @ Pure Hair Lightwater. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on Instagram (@laurabellhair) or to book please contact Pure Hair directly. (



What’s more exciting than a visit to the salon for a full colour? Well let me tell you - said colour looking just as good, without a root in sight 8 weeks later!


I give you babylights. The traditional highlight’s baby sister. Smaller, finer and delicate in appearance. Used to create a soft blended look whilst keeping hair colour looking better than natural.


By leaving space between the foils and following the natural curvature of the head, babylights are also a perfect option to contour the face with lighter pieces, (Natural colour will always be lighter on the ends and around the hairline.) Also a great alternative when you want to change up a balayage. I don’t go a day in the salon without using this technique. Here are some examples of my recent work.

Please follow me on Loren's last appointment to see if babylights are something that could work for you. I have coloured Loren’s hair for 8 years, and babylights have been our choice of technique for the last 2. We keep the colour current by changing tone, and occasionally adding a darker root, because as we all know,  change is good. A subtle change can lift your mood and actually make you feel pretty special! After all, your hair is one of the first things you see when you look in the mirror.

Loren leaves her colour in my hands, and with a pending holiday just over a week away, it was time to take that golden blonde tone whiter and excentuate Loren’s natural lighter hairline. 

 If I’m totally honest Loren’s hair looked great when she came in. I found myself questioning how long it had been since we last coloured. It had been 10 weeks. Loren wanted a colour purely for a change, not because her roots were bothering her.




I used one colour to babylight, knowing Loren’s natural colour would act as a second. Followed by a toner, Sensus inBlonde to be precise. The inBlonde range tones the hair beautifully and evenly at a slow and steady pace. Meaning the longevity of the tone will last a lot longer than your average toner.





As you can see in the photos, we have lifted the hair blonder and opted for an ash tone . You may notice the root area still looks darker than the ends. This is the beauty of a babylight. Loren won’t notice her roots as her hair grows out, but we have still achieved a beautiful bright blonde. Complimented with a long textured bob, perfecto!


Babylights aren’t a trend - they’re a modern way of colouring, used to keep colour looking stripe free and natural. Low maintenance, current and lived in, babylights are 100% for you if you don’t want roots dictating when you need a colour appointment.

Eufora - but not as you know

Eufora are a big love of mine. You may have read my post last week on why. This week I wanted to share with you some of the unique ways I use their products.

Eufora only use ingredients that benefit the hair, scalp or skin. These ingredients make some of Eufora’s products liquid gold when it comes to skin care.



Fortifi - After Sun Exposure

I have learnt as I’ve got older that sun exposure of any kind is not great for your skin. After years of running away from my Mum when she tried to put suncream on me as a child, and spending my teenage years trying to use oil (arhh!) on my extremely pale skin, I now stick to factor 50. I love being out in the sun, however even with my factor 50, I would still peel a week or so after returning from a holiday, due to my skin being dehydrated and damaged.

This changed when I discovered Fortifi spray. I no longer travel to sunnier climates with out it. Not only a great protein spray for hair, the high level of organic certified aloe vera makes this more hydrating on the skin than a standard aftersun. Mix the aloe with the natural proteins Fortifi contains, and you have a wonder product that when applied every day after sun exposure aids skin repair and can stop peeling. It keeps skin moisturised and when kept in the hotel fridge, feels utterly amazing when sprayed all over, after a hard day by the pool! This is one of my holiday must haves.



Beautifying Serum - Face Serum

It was around the time I started using factor 50 I also started a skin care routine. I have always had (what I’d class as) good skin, however I assume like a lot of teenagers, I neglected my skin when I was younger. As long as my face was covered in a thick coating of foundation, life was good. Once again, as I’ve got older, I have learnt more about skincare. It was 2 years ago at the age of 24 I started a skin care routine. I use 2 Eufora products in my skin care routine and my face always feels clean and healthy. Beautifying serum is the serum I choose to use in the morning and evening after cleaning and toning. The vitamin packed aloe moisturises and heals the skin, whilst the cranberry extract works as a great anti-inflammatory on any blemishes. Beautifying serum is lightweight, fast absorbing and non greasy. Making my skin feel hydrated, smooth and plump after every use.



Illuminate Shine Mist - Eye Make Up Remover

This is the second Eufora product I use as part of my skin care routine. Thank you Debbie Digby-Smith for sharing this secret! Illuminate Shine Mist sprayed liberally on a cotton wool pad, removes eye make up in one clean sweep.

I have very sensitive eyes and if I scrub too hard to remove my mascara, the delicate skin around my eyes can stay red for hours. Illuminate Shine Mist ensures my skin stays moisturised whilst the squalane (derived from the skin of an olive) melts away eye make up in a flash. 



The Aloe Therapy Range - Eczema

I’ll begin by saying this was not recommend to me by a doctor as a way of treating my son’s Eczema when he was 6 months old. I took it upon myself to use the range, as I believe the high quality ingredient would help sooth and improve the topical skin condition he was suffering with.

I use the soothing hair & body cleanse as bubble bath and to wash Arlo’s skin every other day. The aloe stem cells sooth and calm irritated skin, whilst the oat avenanthramides is scientifically proven to reduce redness and itchiness. I definitely noticed Arlo was itching less when I made this change to his bath time routine!

I also used the Aloe Therapy Hair & Body Mist twice a day to give Arlo added moisture and to help reduce redness and itchiness. In 2 weeks his legs and arms were eczema free, and the large red patch on his face had gone. I will continue to use Aloe Therapy on his sensitive baby skin to sooth, moisturising and maintain healthy skin.



If you’re not familiar with Eufora, they’re a product brand we have used and retailed at Pure Hair for 5 years. Like all the products we stock, Eufora deliver amazing results and I wanted to share the reasons I love Eufora, the products and the brand.

Firstly Eufora products are 65-85% organic certified, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera. Aloe vera has huge benefits in its raw form. Packed full of vitamins and containing 90% of the amino acids our body is made of, this makes aloe one of the best ingredients to moisturise the hair, scalp and skin. Aloe is well known for its great healing properties and is often used on burns to help the skin recover. The aloe used in every Eufora product is the best quality, meaning by the time it reaches your hair, scalp and skin, you still reap every benefit.


With the moisturising, vitamin packed base in place, the next ingredient to think about is protein. Oat, wheat, soy and quinoa are the 4 naturally derived protein’s Eufora use. These ingredients each have a different molecular weight, and are used in the different products depending on the products purpose. By using naturally derived proteins this means the hair will never become over proteinised. If too much artificial protein is used on the hair, the hair won’t know how to behave and sometimes this can have an adverse effect and lead to brittleness. The natural proteins used by Eufora means this won’t happen.


How beautiful the fragrance is, is often a talking point when using Eufora. Every ingredient in every product has been used because it benefits the hair, scalp or skin. The fragrance you smell hasn’t been added to heighten the scent. The fragrance you smell has been naturally derived from an essential oil that serves a purpose and has a benefit. Every product smells different and I would describe the Eufora scents as light, natural and fresh.


Aloe is a natural preservative, so this means Eufora only have to use a small amount of preservative in their products to ensure the product delivers from the first use to the last. The preservatives used are all food grade, so once again only the best ingredients are being used.


This is just the start of what makes Eufora special. In my next blog, I’d like to show you some of the unique ways I use their products.

Eufora as a company are very special. As I previously mentioned we have worked with Eufora for 5 years. I have been lucky enough to attend 2 of their events in San Diego: A self development/business course and a product knowledge/hairdressing skills course a year later. The Eufora family took us under their wing to ensure we had the best training possible. We were taken to meet their Chemist, James Grundy, so he could answer any of our questions. Shown around their HQ and made to feel so welcome. (They know how to throw a good party too!)The people behind the product really care, and that’s the kind of product I want to use.

Wedding Memories

Now I can’t be the only one looking forward to this weekends pending nuptials at Windsor Castle. It’s been so lovely to see such positive news in the build up to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The sunshine and lighter evenings have set us all in good stead for the weekend - and regardless of if you’ll be watching the Royal Wedding - I hope the sunshine continues so we can all enjoy a Pimms in the garden. I’ll be working Saturday, but I can’t wait to see photos. Meghan will undoubtedly look stunning, and obviously I can’t wait to see her hair. Not only do we have the Royal Wedding (15 minutes down the road!) I have organised a mini hen do for a very good friend on Sunday. My weekend will be wedding focused, spent with good people & eating good food with lots of laughs.

All this wedding talk has got me thinking about wedding hair I have created in the past, and what amazing experiences I have had with both clients and friends on the morning of their big day.

I have visited some incredible locations and met some amazing people along the way. I wanted to share with you some of my fondest wedding memories.

I have been colouring and cutting Niquita’s hair for about 6 years now. I remember her first appointment well. Niquita came in blonde and was looking for a darker root shadow to keep her colour low maintenance for her up and coming travels. On her return she came back to see me and still now, travels down from Oxford for regular appointments. We share a love for nice holidays, pretty jewellery and good afternoon tea! We never do the same colour twice, and Niquita always tells me she loves the colour before I’ve even combed it through! (You know the stage where you sit in the mirror, and your hair just looks wet and dark!) Niquita & James married at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, in 2016. When she asked me if I’d do the drive to style her hair for the wedding, I didn’t even have to think about it. I had a brilliant morning plaiting, curling and fixing fresh flowers in Niquita’s hair. I also looked after 5 of her beautiful bridesmaids. They all had different styles, however we incorporated plaits and twists in every style to keep the relaxed, boho theme consistent. The girls looked stunning, and the venue was like something out of a fairytale. I’m so glad I was part of Niquita’s wedding morning.

The most recent wedding I have had the pleasure of attending, was Katie and Steve’s wedding at The Bell Inn, Ticehurst. A beautiful pub wedding in an idyllic Village setting. I say ‘pub’ loosely, as the venue was like no pub I have ever visited. With quirky hotel bedrooms, outdoor rustic lodges and an impressive dance floor, I can see why The Bell was Katie and Steve’s chosen venue. I saw Katie 2 days before her wedding for a balayage refresh and believe it or not, a wedding hair trial! Katie has the most amazing hair, and it was only right to leave it down to show off the beautiful ash tones and never ending length! Katie opted for relaxed waves and lots of texture complimented by a beautiful veil. I couldn’t wait to see Katie’s dress, we share a similar taste in fashion and I just knew it was going to be one of the most amazing dresses I’d even seen. Katie wanted her bridesmaids to feel comfortable, therefore they all decided how they would wear their hair. From a sleek blowdry to a textured pixie cut, each bridesmaid had a completely different look. I’m still feeling the buzz from Katie’s wedding morning 3 weeks on. I can’t wait to catch up on our next appointment.

Last year on June 30th, I attended a very important wedding in Tuscany, Italy. My best friends, Stacey and Dan, tied the knot at the most wonderful ceremony surrounded by close friends and family up in the Tuscan Hills. Up until the last minute, we were unsure if we’d actually make the wedding. My son was due to be born on June 7th. To keep me on my toes (as I’m sure he will for the next 18 years!) Arlo arrived on June 16th. Arlo’s passport arrived 2 days before our flight and we made it! Stacey was extremely relaxed about her hair and told me to do what ever I wanted. I told her it was absolutely necessary to do a trial in the build up, I’m pretty sure she only agreed to a trial to keep me happy! We had such a relaxed morning by the pool, we didn’t actually spend a huge amount of time getting ready. I celebrated my best friends wedding in Italy with my 2 week old son. That’s a wedding I definitely won’t forget!

Augusta Floral

I’m often asked for recommendations on wedding hair accessories, and with a personal love for styling hair and beautiful accessories I’m always on the look out for unique, beautiful pieces.

I stumbled across @augustaflorals on Instagram last year and instantly fell in love with her work.


Augusta is a floral design artist based in London, and floral hair combs are a small part of what she does.

Augusta draws her inspiration from nature and it’s changing season to create abundant, luxurious and textually inspired arrangements. Not only for weddings, but for any celebration.

From Bridal bouquets and table arrangements to flower walls or hair combs, Augusta will create a bespoke arrangement to leave lasting memories.


With the wedding season (and festival season!) fast approaching Augusta kindly gifted me some beautiful floral combs, so I could create some looks to show you.

I wasn’t sure what would arrive for me to work with, but when Augusta’s fresh flower combs arrived via post I was amazed. The blooms had been sent in beautiful rustic boxes, complete with ribbon and ‘Augusta Floral’ personalised stationary. From beautifully scented freesia’s, to a rustic style dried wheat mix, I had been sent 3 unique pieces.



The Eucalyptus & Freesia Duo

The most daintiest of the 3, this would be beautiful for bridesmaids and flower girls. I feel the summery colours and uplifting eucalyptus scent would also be great for a festival, intertwined with knots and braids. Starting from £12 these combs are an affordable way to give your hair a unique finished look.



Dried Wheat and Lisianthus on a Bed of Foliage

The dried wheat gives this piece a more relaxed feel. This would be perfect for a rustic wedding or a bride with a boho style. If it was me, I’d have this for my bridesmaids and I’d get a bigger version for myself!



Eucalyptus, Lisianthus, Heavy Fragrant Freesia Combined with Foliage


The biggest of the 3 but so lightweight and easy to work with. The comb fitted perfectly with all the styles I tried and didn’t feel heavy.

I love how all pieces can be tailor made to fit a colour scheme and these pink freesias would look beautiful on a bride with a romantic, fairy tale theme.


Augusta was one of the first people I contacted when starting my blog. I had nothing to show her, only my work on instagram. Not only did she put her trust in me - a stranger - she took the time to make these pieces and sent them to me, next day delivery to ensure they arrived fresh. I was treated like a client, so I will always highly recommend her.

Instagram - @augustaflorals

Email -

Website -


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