New Year Glow - Adeola Gboyega

“Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.”

I hope you all enjoyed my kick start to a feel good January with Emily Clarke (Busy Bee Well) last week. I’m super lucky to know lots of lovely ladies whose expertise help me daily (even if its a photo on instagram!) to feel good and I want to share their knowledge, because I know you will just love it.

I’m no make up artist, I’m lucky if I manage to apply my mascara with out blinking mid application and covering my eyelid. You’d think I’d have a steady hand in my job, however after years of trying to master a winged eyeliner - it just isn’t happening! However that’s not to say I don’t absolutely love the stuff. I’m a sucker for a shimmering eyelid and a bronzed cheek makes me feel good. I met Adeola last year, and I knew she was a make up artist before she told me, a Bobbi Brown Pro UK Artist to be precise. Her make up was flawless, and with a huge passion for what she does, it’s clear to see why she’s on the Bobbi Brown team. With a shared passion for wellbeing, jewellery, make up and blogging/vlogging, we quickly got talking and it only felt right I asked Adeola about this years make up trends to share with you all.

Glowing skin will always be in. What would you recommend for that post facial glow everyday?

Glowing skin is always in! So invest in a good skincare routine. Start with a twice a week exfoliation to slough away any dead skin cells and to reveal brighter, glowing skin. Exfoliation also allows for better absorption of your other skincare products such as serums. I would also invest in a serum high in Vitamin C to help maintain skin radiance such as the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement. I use this every day under my moisturiser and it’s my secret weapon to a more radiant complexion! For an extra special glow, finish with the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm which gives the skin a lit from within glow!


What make up trends can we expect to see in 2019?

In 2019 expect to see naturally glowing skin as if you’ve just come from a facial. Barely there radiant makeup and big brows are here to stay!

If you prefer a more bolder look then experiment with shimmer or glitter on the eyes, or a bold graphic winged liner. It’s all about making a statement with your eyes!



When Christmas and the festive season a distant memory, is a bold red lip still acceptable in January?

A red lip is timeless and will always be acceptable even after the festive season. Choose tones such  as a classic pillar box red, (Very Parisian!) this kind of look was seen everywhere at Paris Fashion week. Just ensure to let the lips do all the talking and keep the rest of the makeup very minimal and nude. Try Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick in Parisian Red


Talk us through your fail safe make up look?

Most of my routine is giving my skin a good prep with the right skincare as this ensures that my makeup lasts longer and gives me my signature glow, which I love. I always wear the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base to prep before makeup. I love foundation so I mainly use a stick foundation for coverage where I need it. Concealer under my eyes and then a good lipstick is an essential for me as this just makes me feel more confident to take on the day!



So there you have it, food to glow from Emily and Make Up to glow with Adeola. Don’t just take these small snippets from me, head over to their social media for the most up to date info from the experts.




Nourish - Busy Bee Well

 “Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy.”

With December and the festivities feeling like a distant memory, January is well known for being a dark, dreary month. One too many chocolates may have been eaten and washed down with copious amounts of Prosecco, it’s clear to see why we may not feel our best! The third Monday of January has even picked up the name, ‘Blue Monday’ - the most depressing day of the year apparently. With that is mind, I’ve teamed up with a group of individuals who motivate and uplift me daily to share with you their top tips on how to beat the winter blues and go in to 2019 feeling at your best. 

First up, and something I’m very excited to share with you all as my first post in 2019, is an interview with Emily Clarke, otherwise known as Busy Bee Well. I discovered Emily’s Instagram page last year and her website is now a firm favourite of mine. Filled with healthy tips and delicious recipes (you must all try the Apple Bread!) Emily’s website is my go to place when I need to find some inspo. Do you ever have them days where you just feel a little rubbish? Normally my rubbish days are because I’m fueled by the incorrect food that leave me feeling tired and lethargic. Incorrect nourishment, for me, makes everything seem that little harder. My energy is low, and I can’t have that at work (or home to be fair!). Emily never fails to inspire me and give me the information I need to eat well. I hope this interview inspires you all, and gives you a few important tips to feel as great as you possibly can in January, and throughout the year.


Hi Emily! I’m probably not the only one who over indulged over the Christmas period, it’s not uncommon to go in to January feeling a little sluggish. What would you recommend in the way of a January detox (if one at all?!) get us all back to feeling our best?

What a great question Laura! We have all tried a “detox” diet or two, if not more only to have them fail. The problem with these detoxes is that they’re based upon deprivation and restriction and after the “lightness” sets in,  we return to unbalanced eating patterns. The key to feeling your best in January is the same as it is the other eleven months - keep it simple.

1) Increase the amount of fresh still water you drink every day. Aim for three litres if you are a woman and four if you are a man.

2) Eat three balanced meals per day with at least half of your plate comprised of non-starchy steamed or fresh vegetables.

3) Move your body. Aim for half an hour of exercise four times per week.

The apple bread you need to try!

The apple bread you need to try!

Sugar is one of the most addictive ingredients out there, what’s the best way to curb that 4pm sugar craving? (Especially now we’re all hooked after Christmas)

Sugar is not only addictive, but it is toxic and highly inflammatory. Worst of all, there are so many names - 56 in total - for sugar that many people do not know how to identify them on food labels. The first step in eliminating your afternoon sugar craving is learning to recognize all forms of sugar that are feeding your addiction. Other names for sugar include but are not limited to: high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, sucrose, dextrose, rice syrup, and agave.

At Busy Bee Well I teach my clients to purposefully add in sweeter vegetables like beetroot, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, and squash to their meals to naturally reduce their refined sugar cravings. For example, by adding a sautéed onion to your morning omelette and beetroot to your afternoon salad, you will be nourishing your body with vegetables that satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day. So by the time 4pm comes around, you won’t have the urge to reach for a refined sugar calorie bomb that derails your day’s wellness efforts.

Finally, get a proper night of sleep especially during the week. Scientists have recently proven that lack of sleep blunts brain function linked to making healthy eating choices. By discontinuing screen time 60 minutes before bed and going to bed at the same time every night you will boost your brain’s decision making ability-including the ability to resit sugar cravings.



The supplement market is a very confusing one, with pills promising to make you feel more energised in a flash. Is there anything you’d recommend to help get back on track with nutrition?

Most supplements, in my opinion are a great way to make your pee very expensive! All kidding aside, so long as you are eating a well-balanced diet, all of your nutrients should be accounted for. However, depending upon your wellness goals you can boost your efforts over 30 or 60 day periods while you are forming new habits. For example, if your wellness goal is to improve digestion I would recommend adding in an aloe vera supplement in the mornings before eating or drinking. Aloe vera improves the digestive systems function while preventing bloating, constipation, and gas. There are supplements that I believe can be taken everyday to great effect. High quality Fish Oil and Vitamin B12. Fish Oil contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are essential to preventing and managing heart disease. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. It also helps prevent a form of anemia which causes people to become tired and weak. The main sources of vitamin B12 are animals, so if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or eat a largely plant-based diet, then this is the supplement to add in longterm.


I work until 8pm, so easy nutritious meals are a must when I get home late. Can you recommend some quick and easy recipes that are packed with all the good stuff, but don’t take long to make?

Meal prep and semi-homemade are the two key words that will keep you on track! Whenever you do have time to cook, abide by this principle: cook once and eat three times. Eat what you have prepared once and put the other two servings in either the refrigerator or the freezer for later. With regards to semi-homemade, do not be afraid to buy high quality, organic, precooked quinoa (a complete plant-based protein), cauliflower rice, bone broths, etc. These readymade items easily pair with fresh or frozen veggies in dishes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

One of my favorites are veggie packed fritatta muffins. They’re high in protein and you can customize them any way you like! My base recipe is:


With Blue Monday a few weeks away - the day where the most sick days are taken, due to people feeling down, anxious and not 100% - what would you recommend to ensure we get to Monday 21st January feeling refreshed and the best version of ourselves.

Avoid anything extreme. Over the holidays you likely overindulged, do not try to reverse this by depriving and restricting yourself. Instead, return to a pattern of balanced eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise to prevent mental, physical, and emotional burnout. If you have never kept a gratitude journal, this is the year to give it a go. Everyday write down three to five (or more!) moments that made you smile. These can be anything from waking up without pressing the snooze button, drinking all three litres of water, or finding the perfect shade of pink for your manicure. Now, whenever you are having a tough moment or you’re feeling anxious, sad, or ready to quit, you have a notebook filled with your accomplishments and reasons to keep going! Remember your wellness journey is about progress and not perfection.



Emily’s above tips and recommendations will 100% help me go in to the New Year feeling my best, and I guarantee if you take Emily’s advice you will too!

Instagram - @busybeewell

Website -

2018 - Thats a Wrap

2018 has been an amazing year. I always wonder how the year flies by so quickly, but as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. As much as sometimes the business of life can be overwhelming, how lucky am I that all the things that keep me busy, I love?!

I’m greeted every morning by my 18 month old son and his out of control bed head. Even though sometimes the 5am wake up calls aren’t ideal - his cheeky grin and crazy hair never fail to make me smile. I always thought my energy was a little out of control, as I don’t like to sit still for too long. However Arlos is on another level. He doesn’t seem to need much sleep and the only person tired after an extreme soft play session is me. He’s such a character and has some amazing friends that we love to meet up with regularly. He really is the most precious, important thing and he makes everyday a good day! We have a close knit family and Arlo gets to spend lots of time with his Grandparents, in fact the only person he will stay still for is his Granddad. Therefore it’s his job to control Arlo for family photos!


As you may have read previously, we have recently moved house. The idea of moving started back at the beginning of the year and as some of you probably know, the moving process can sometimes be a long, drawn out one. I’m proud to say we have moved in to our dream home and I can’t wait to get my interior design head on in the new year. (Hello Pinterest!)

image2 2.jpeg

Back in March I returned to work after 9 months away from the Salon, and I remember feeling all the emotions prior to returning. Will I be able to get myself and Arlo ready and out the house for 8am? Can I remember how to Balayage? Will I miss my baby too much? I was genuinely worried. However it turns out I had nothing to worry about. We’ve found the most incredible childminder who keeps Arlo sooo busy, he wouldn’t even have time to miss me. I can still Balayage, and getting us both ready is no problem. I have a great bunch of clients, and as much as I still have time in my diary for new clients generally I start my day knowing who all my clients are, and what the plan is for their hair. I look forward to seeing them, catching up with them on what they’ve been doing (I have really interesting clients!) and most importantly letting them leave feeling really good about their hair. Don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t be a Saturday if I didn’t get home and moan about my back pain, but on the whole I do ok!


I started my blog whilst on Maternity leave, and with the help of my boss, I have learnt how to run my website and use photoshop. (Very basic photoshop skills, but I’m still learning!!) My job is hair, however I spend my time talking about uplifting, interesting things and I thought why not share the fun things I get up to, and things that make me feel good?! I love listening to my clients, so who knows - maybe a few of them like listening to me!

Lastly I’ve managed to keep up my work with Moroccanoil, whilst taking on a new role as a Moroccanoil Ambassador for the UK - something I’m very proud of. With the recent launch of Moroccanoil Color Complete, Moroccanoil needed someone passionate about hair colour to look after their VIP clientele. Mixing Moroccanoil with my colour brand of choice has been great fun and given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, whilst also pushing me out of my comfort zone.


2018 has been a good year, however there are a few things I’d like to work on in 2019.

I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing whilst trying to maintaining a good work life balance. I’d like to spend more Sundays with my family and stay off social media on that day.

I’d like to continue my work with Moroccanoil, and with 2 trips booked for January to Dublin and Barcelona, and Fashion Week not far around the corner in February, it’s looking to be a good year.

The third big thing I’d like to work on in 2019 is video tutorials for my blog. I’ve previously been asked to do video tutorials, but as soon as I press record, I seem to morph in to this stiff wooden board with long arms that forgets how to do hair. This one may need a bit of practice, but I’d quite like to give it a go!

So there it is, basically a blog written by me, all about me! I hope you’ve all found joy (even if it’s just a little bit!) in 2018, and I wish you all a happy, healthy 2019.

Happy New Year


Festive Feels

I’m definitely a little late to the party with this post, but with a house move and a super busy work schedule, I’ve been keeping busy! I’d LOVE to tell you it’s actually because of all the Christmas parties I’ve been attending, however I’d be lying to you and to be fair, my idea of a good party these days is a 3 course dinner (table booked for 7pm, no later) followed by a cup of tea and an early night. I’ll occasionally go all out and open next days advent calendar door early, (YOLO) but that’s as crazy as it gets. That’s not to say I won’t be dusting off a red lipstick and going big with my party hair accessories when I do make it out to see friends and family over the festive season.


Back in the day, Christmas events would be booked in the diary super early. I’d have my outfits planned way in advance. Two layers of fake tan would complete the look, basically I had too much time on my hands. Fast forward to now, I’ll think about it the night before and my outfit will usually be black. I do however, like to accessories my minimalistic outfits with heaps of jewellery and sparkle in my hair and if I’m feeling fancy.


I’m a sucker for a glitzy hair accessory, and whilst recently waiting for a train at King’s Cross Station I discovered Oliver Bonas and their treasure trove of sparkling headwear. Navy crushed velvet headbands, covered in diamonds. Dainty bow hair ties to add interest to a basic pony tail. In my ‘kid in a candy shop’ moment, reality quickly kicked in - “Laura, do not buy hair clips, you’ve got important new house items to buy” - so I left empty handed... But then found a discount code about an hour later and ordered a sparkly star hair slide online instead. I’d like to share my go to party look that will see me through to the new year quite nicely. This look is what I’d call my signature up do. Textured twists, and pulled out barrel curls to give an undone lived in look that doesn’t look too formal. Depending on my mood, I can pull it out to give more volume or leave it neat if I fancy something a litter sleeker. In all honesty, it takes me no more than 10 minutes.


I find this look easier to create if my hair has dried in its natural wave, or if it has been curled. When the ends have movement, it’s easier to tuck them in when I pin it. I wouldn’t be able do it in 10 minutes if I didn’t have my Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. This spray preps my hair and gives it the gritty texture I need to make the grips hold. If I’m not feeling fancy I go accessory free, but if you can’t be fancy in December, when can you be?! I hope my little ‘festive how-to’ helps you create a perfect Christmas look. I’d love to see any photos if you try this look at home! With that being said, I hope your Christmas is filled with fun, family, friends and lots of sparkle.

Whats Damaging Your Hair?

Luckily for me, hair is a big passion of mine. I’m forever watching hair related videos, reading articles and trying to better my knowledge on our industry. So much so, that my boyfriend probably knows a fair amount about hair due to subliminally listening to what I watch! My brain seems to store more imagery (beautiful colour formulations, and bouncy curls wrapped in silk scarfs!) and less science. Don’t get me wrong I love the science, but it would appear my brains ability to store such information less so.


The launch of Moroccanoil Color Complete back in early autumn got me thinking about all the factors that contribute towards dryness and damage. When a client tells me their hair feels dry, I’m the first to blame the change in season. “Oh have you put the heating on? That will explain it!” I’ve noticed the I blame the heating, and general change in season a little too much when actually there’s a lot more too it, and this explains perfectly why your hair can feel dry at different points throughout the year. 


Environmental aggressors can cause damage to hair (and skin) daily, without you even realising. The first and one of the main culprits causing damage daily is UV light. You’d think living on this cold and windy island we call England we’d have no harmful UV light around at this time of year, but unfortunately that is not the case. If it’s light outside, the UV rays are very much there creating free radicals that over time oxide the lipids (the hydrating molecule) and the protein, the 2 main components that keep the hair strong. This not only has a drying effect on the hair, it can also cause discolouration, hence why a hot sunny holiday can cause extreme colour fade and brassiness.

image3 2.jpeg


The second environmental aggressor that we are faced with daily is pollution. Tiny particles of dirt, dust and grime attach themselves to the hair and scalp like little magnets resulting in your hair looking dull, lifeless and scalp irritation. Pollution will make your hair feel heavy and the dirt will make your hair feel knotty and matted, most likely resulting in you washing and brushing it more than necessary. UV light and pollution teamed with all the small things we do daily, for example blow drying and styling, can over time contribute to our hair not feeling its best. 


I’m a fine haired girl with a life long love of bleach (I’ve tried to leave it, but I always go running back to it!) and as much as I care for my hair when colouring, bleach will ultimately make the hair more porous and therefore more susceptible to further damage. Because of this I need to treat my hair regularly, and recently I’ve been making an effort to use my Hydrating Mask when I wash my hair and my Protect and Prevent Spray daily to not only make my hair feel moisturised and soft, but in a quest to protect it from further damage. Sometimes (probably out of laziness) I can fall in to bad hair habits and not give mine the TLC it needs, however after the launch of Moroccanoil Colour Complete, I’m putting my all in to giving my hair what it really needs.




A Day With Monica Vinader

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling a little nervous. I was about to travel to King’s Cross to meet a group of girls I’d never met before. We’d then be travelling to Norfolk together for a very special event. I’d been told to look out for Nicola, wearing a beige coat standing underneath the departure sign. I arrived super early, and began to make eye contact with everyone wearing beige. It felt like a very strange first date, but when we all found ‘Nicola in her beige coat’ we laughed at how shifty we must have looked lurking around Kings Cross.


The 5 ladies I was meeting, like me, had won a competition to visit Monica Vinader and her team at their Head Office in Norfolk. We had a lunch date with Monica organised, a jewellery styling session and a drive through Holkham Estate in which the offices are situated.!

I absolutely love Monica Vinader jewellery, I discovered the brand about 8 years ago and have slowly been building my collection. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, my ideal day out is a trip to The King’s Road for a spot of food, a relaxed look around finishing at Monica Vinader’s Duke of York Boutique to treat myself! I love to travel to new places and I love meeting new people, so I knew this was a trip I couldn’t miss.


Before I left, I said to my Mum, “Imagine if nobody wants to talk to me on the 2 hour train journey?!” But luckily I had nothing to worry about. Myself and the girls instantly bonded over not only our love for ‘MV’ jewellery, but our passion for our jobs, our families and we didn’t stop talking from King’s Cross to King’s Lynn. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier bunch of girls to spend my day with.

The drive to Holkham was spectacular. Small country roads surrounded by acres of land and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was a beautiful Autumn’s day. I decided not to research Monica Vinader HQ before my trip. I’m getting a lot better at taking my days as they come instead of knowing all about the places I visit before I go, and I’m so glad I had no idea what was waiting for us.


A converted 16th Century cart-shed on the Holkham Estate is home to Monica Vinader and her team. A beautiful mix of old and new, makes this workspace like nothing I’ve seen before. Strawberries and cream are a must on the lawn in Summer, and with freshly made lunch brought in every day for the team, it was like no ‘office’ I’d visited before.

We visited every department, from the design studio, to quality control, and it’s like anything, until you see the work that goes in to something behind the scenes you don’t truly appreciate it. Lunch with Monica and her team was such a lovely experience. We chatted for hours over the most tasty nutritious lunch. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

image1 2.jpeg

I can’t go in to too much detail *top secret stuff* but we were privileged enough to be shown the new 2019 collections. Monica and her team were intrigued to know our thoughts on the new pieces, and quite honestly I loved it all! A mix of 18ct rose gold, ethically sourced pavé diamonds, and amazonite gemstones had drawn me in, and this was just a small part of the collection. It’s not just the jewellery I love, it’s also the brand. Monica Vinader have recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, (exactly the same age as Moroccanoil!) and since I discovered them I have always loved what they do.

What a brilliant way to spend a Tuesday, an amazing opportunity to spend time with a group of lovely people. You should have seen us on the way back to the train station, like kids in a candy shop, with our very generous gifts. Thank you to Monica, her team and my fellow winners for a brilliant day.


My Fall Overhaul

Didn’t Summer treat us well? Warm sunshine on top of warm sunshine, no wonder the colder weather has come as a bit of a shock. I’m taking the change of season as the perfect opportunity to concentrate on caring for my skin and hair. I absolutely love autumn. The changing colours, dusting off my boots and outerwear, cranberry and copper hued make up, my list goes on. However, I suspect the sudden change in temperature, combined with windier and wetter weather has contributed to my skin breaking out and my hair feeling dry. Over the last month I’ve been working on getting my skin and hair back to its best and I’d like to share with you some miracle products I’ve been using along the way.


I had the pleasure of meeting skin care guru Renee Lapino at a PR event back in summer. I now watch her Instagram stories daily and what she says, goes. A trained medical facialist, Renee specialises in treatment, skincare, and lifestyle advice to achieve and maintain glowing skin. As I mentioned the drop in temperature, mixed with broken sleep (courtesy of my 1 year old), and a small amount of stress (courtesy of a house move!) my skin wasn’t feeling 100%. Cue Renee’s recommendations and my skin no longer feels dry or itchy. First up, Fillerina Day Cream Grade 1. Dubbed as ‘filler in a tube’ this day cream promises to smooth away fine lines, whilst plumping and hydrating. It felt gentle on my sensitive skin, and worked quickly providing day long hydration. It’s a yes from me! Not only did I notice visible improvement, this wonder product doubled up as a long lasting primer. Before switching up my skin care routine, I’d notice early afternoon my face start to itch, especially around my nose and top lip. Fillerina and I believe my next hero product have stopped itchiness and fully reduced redness.


When my skin feels compromised, the last thing I want to do is cover my face in make up. It makes my skin feel tight, increases sensitivity and the redness can make me feel a little self conscious so it’s a vicious circle. I use foundation to cover the problem, however long term the clogging probably does more damage. (It’s not easy, is it?!) Renee, the Queen of Skin, pointed me in the direction of Oxygenetix foundation (shade - ivory). Not only does Oxygenetix address a wide range of skin problems, it can be applied directly to compromised skin to give even colour/coverage whilst supporting the skin’s healing process. A firm favourite amongst Medical Facialists, it can be used following surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments to support collagen production and skin cell growth. It took daily use over 5 days to eliminate the problem, but it genuinely helped and felt great on my skin. I will be sticking with this little 15ml miracle, if it’s good enough for Kourtney Kardashian, it’s good enough for me!


My blonde beach waves call for 4 monthly bleach highlights and weekly heat styling - 2 of the main culprits contributing to breakage and dryness. Teamed with the colder weather and the drying effects of central heating, my hair needed soon TLC. My mid lengths and ends were starting to feel a little dryer than usual, you know that feeling when your hairbrush pulls on little knots - that was me. Luckily this problem was combated in one swift hair wash. A detoxing shampoo using Eufora’s Urgent repair was my first port of call. Now here’s a fact that not even many hairdressers know - Hard water has a negative effect on your hair. It makes your colour dull, the minerals from hard water build up on the strands and stop your hair swaying like it should. If your water leaves water marks on your shower door, the chances are you live in a hard water area. (UK hard water map.) Eufora Urgent Repair deeply cleanses the hair removing hard water and product build up. The clean fresh feeling Urgent Repair gives is hard to describe! It makes my hair feel lighter, more volumised at the root, it stays cleaner for longer, it’s just wonderful!


With a clean canvas, next up is Moroccanoil Mask Light. I use this mask regularly through out the year as a twice monthly mask, however it can be used in replacement of conditioner for an intense hit of moisture. A teaspoon sized amount through mid lengths and ends left for 5 minutes transformed the textured of my hair instantly. The knots are gone for good, and my hair is soooo much easier to blowdry. I’ll be using my Moroccanoil Mask Light in place of my conditioner in to the cold winter months, to help keep my blonde locks healthy.

A Night of Pure Terror


So its Halloween weekend, and a skeleton and Cruella de Vil walk in to a bar...  

 ...No really! They were closely followed by a clan of creepy clowns and the wicked Witch of the West. It was clear to see something was going on in the neighbourhood, but there was no need to call Ghostbusters, because these scary party goers had gathered for Pure Hair’s annual fundraiser, ‘A Night Of Pure Terror.’ 



Our annual fundraisers have never been a small affair, and previous events including a sports day, 3 charity balls and a Studio 55 disco night, Pure Hair have managed to raise a staggering £82,259.91 total for various charities so far. If you have been to one of our events you’ll know Val and Ben pull out all the stops to raise as much money as possible whilst making sure our guests have a blast. This year was no different, and the planning was well underway back in Spring. With a venue to find, raffle/auction prizes to source, tickets to sell and a halloween theme to create, these things don’t just happen over night.



This year party goers arrived to cobwebbed covered wrought iron gates, the entrance genuinely looked like something from a haunted house film set. Windlesham Golf Club had been transformed into full on halloween madness. All props had been made by hand, included larger than life spiders, light up trees with arms for branches and bubbling caldrons, that bubbled all night. The scary shenanigans didn’t end there, and as I made my way to the dance floor through a dimly lit hall, the actors went in for the kill. There’s nothing quite like a bunch of hiding clowns jumping out at you to make your heart beat a little faster!

It didn’t stop there, with ‘Sweeny Todd’s Auction’, a ‘Joker’s Draw’ and a raffle, prizes included a 2 week holiday in Portugal, a spa day for 2 at Coworth Park (Prince Harry’s local haunt!), an iPad, and much much more. With all the money from ticket sales also going to our chosen charity, ‘The White Lodge Centre’.


The White Lodge Centre supports disabled children, young people and adults, their families and carers in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas. They specialise in care for those with a diverse range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and other similar conditions. They’re recognised as a centre of excellence where all the services they offer consistently attain the highest possible standards. It costs over £2.5 million a year to run the White Lodge Centre which is not fully met by statutory sources, so they rely on voluntary donations to maintain these vital services. They are based on a wonderful two-acre site with landscaped gardens, a special sensory garden and three purpose-built buildings. Please visit their website,, to see how you can help.


I’m pleased to say we raised just over £13,000 this year for The White Lodge Centre, taking out total to over £95,000. Pure Hair scared, because they cared! I’d like to thank Val, Ben, Ray, Cheryl, Mike and Dan for a great party. I’m sure our next fundraiser is already being planned behind the scenes, so watch this space and have a great Halloween!


Babyliss - The Curl Collection

Following on from last weeks blog I wanted to share with you my thoughts and finds since using my new Babyliss electricals over summer. I was already an avid Babyliss wand/tong collector (I need all sizes...obviously), but I had never used a Babyliss hairdryer. It was the Babyliss Italia Brava I started with and I was blown away (see what I did there?) by the power. Designed and built in cooperation with Ferrari, the Italia Brava guarantees exceptional blow-dry results every time. 

The lock-in turbo boost gives strong, precise air pressure, whilst MaxLifePRO brushless technology ensures a quieter hairdryer. Last but not least, the Ferrari designed motor means this dryer will give you up to 10,000 hours of use - when used daily, that’s 27 years of hair drying perfection! Faster, Quieter, Lighter, Longer - on paper it sounds incredible. I have been using the Italia Brava over Summer and I’m in love. My bouncy blowdrys seem bigger yet smoother, blow drying time has reduced, and the lighter dryer has definitely helped my aching shoulder!

I’ve created 3 looks with my 3 favourite tools and I’ll start with ‘The Bouncy Blowdry’ created with the Babyliss Italia Brava. Helena naturally has thick, curly hair that’s prone to frizz. With the help of Moroccanoil we went for smooth volume. As I blowdried I left my brushes in and finished with a cool shot of air to set the movement in. Blowdried on a Saturday, Helena’s hair still looked amazing on Wednesday. Helena felt her hair looked smoother and shinier than usual, and I noticed this whilst blowdrying.



‘The Soft Curl’ was the second look created using the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Waving Wand (34mm.) I’d say this is the most mainstream look of the 3, and the easiest to create at home. To create this relaxed undone curl, I opted for smoother roots through my top section. Basically meaning I started wrapping the hair around the wand from half way down to give a soft sweeping curl. My top tip would be to catch the curl in your hand as you let it come away from the wand, to let the hair cool down before letting it fall in to place. If you let the hot hair fall instantly, the heat could instantly make your new curl drop. To finish and separate the curls I used a wide tooth comb and a light spritz off Moroccanoil Luminous Spray in medium hold.



Last up and my favourite look of the 3 is ‘The Brushed Out Curl’ created using the Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression 16mm Curling Tong. It’s not often I create this kind of look in salon. But Maybe it’s time to bring it back, just in time for Christmas! You will see in my photos below before the curls were brushed out, they sit in perfect ringlets. By brushing them out a softer fluffier curl is created. Don’t be scared to brush out your curls. I always mist my brush with Moroccanoil Luminious Spray (Medium) before I brush out, to stop any hair going static. As much as this look will take a little longer than a loose curl, it’s a great look to elevate your usual style.



3 different looks, with 3 different tools, and I love them all. I love how the Babyliss Italia Brava blows volume through every curl whilst drying at a rapid speed. I love that I can create an everyday relaxed look with the Babyliss 32mm wand in under 10 minutes and I love how the Babyliss 16mm tong can create a curl in about 5 seconds flat. I hope you love ‘The Curl Collection’ I have created and if you’re a curly girl like me, I hope it inspires you to change your curls up!



Babyliss - A Backstage Story

Back in July myself and four colleagues had the opportunity to attend an education hosted by Babyliss Pro at the Contè Nast College of Fashion and Design, London. ‘Backstage Story’ was the name, and learning session styling tips to bring back to the salon was the aim. 

The education was delivered by session styling duo Sam Burnett and Ben Hards. I couldn’t help but grin when I saw Ben was hosting, as we’ve worked together at many fashion shows back in the day. (That makes me sound really old, but I’m going with it.)


Ben Hards is a celebrity session stylists, and counts Zayn Malik as one of his loyal clients. He owns an award winning salon, The Square, in Sevenoaks and is a guest artist for L’Oréal, Kerastase, Shu Eumura, Oribe and Babyliss Pro.

Sam Burnett, owner of Hare & Bone, has recently opened his second salon giving him prime position in London and now Esher. At the age of 23 Sam won Newcomer of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards (thats pretty big!) and since 2010 has worked as a freelance session stylist with his work featuring in Elle and InStyle to name but a few. 


When working backstage, you need to work quickly. There isn’t time for a 45 minute appointment per model like there would be in salon. To ensure time doesn’t run over you need good products and the best electricals. The Babyliss tongs/wands have always been my go to styler when working at LFW. They’re reliable, available in all sizes needed and most importantly they can create a curl in under 10 seconds.

Babyliss had transformed the college in to a LFW backstage set up. With all electricals out ready, make up, clothes, a photographer and even a DJ it felt more like a party. After watching Ben and Sam create the looks we worked in pairs to recreate the styles and get our models ready for their photoshoot. In our industry there are no set rules when it comes to styling hair. There’s always room to learn and improve your skill and I’d highly recommend ‘Backstage Story - Session to Salon’ to anyone wanting to up their styling skills.

If you cast your mind back to summer, you may remember some festival looks I created with my model Helena. The Babyliss event was the following week and Helena agreed to come to London and model. Her hair still pink from our festival looks, she definitely made an impact. Below are the two final images after her photoshoot. 



Thank you Babyliss for a great evening of education and thank you for stocking up my kit bag with an array of electricals . Since attending ‘Backstage Story’ I have not put my new hairdryer down. Check back next week to see some looks I have been creating along the way! 


Moroccanoil Color Complete

To all the blondes who have experienced brassiness, this one is for you. Brunettes who find the tone and depth of their colour fade, this one is also for you. In fact, any one who has ever experienced colour fade of any kind, let me introduce you to Moroccanoil’s revolutionary new colour care collection, Color Complete. 

A 360 degree approach to colour care, addressing all the daily environmental issues that contribute towards colour fade to keep your colour looking just as good as it does at the start, until your next appointment.


Starting at your colour appointment, we prep your hair with the ChromaTech Prime to eliminate scalp sensitivities and ensures the porosity of your hair is even from roots to ends for the most even colour result. After your colour has developed its time to lock the colour in with the ChromaTech Post, a finishing infusion of COLORLINK technology. Not only will this lock your colour in, it will leave your hair shinier and stronger than before.

Next comes the ‘at home’ part. A 3 product regime including the Color Complete Shampoo, Color Complete Conditioner and the Protect and Prevent Spray. This system is scientifically proven to extend colour life and vibrancy by 100% after 10 washes. 


Color Complete features 2 proprietary technologies to ensure your colour stays vibrant whilst improving its health. ArganID, found in all the products, uses ionic attraction to deliver argan oil deep in to the cortex of the hair whilst locking in colour pigments. COLORLINK is the second, and this groundbreaking blend of 3 colour actives works on repairing hair from chemical and mechanical damage. But don’t let me bore you with anymore science, here are some reviews from my clients and friends who have helped me test Moroccanoil Color Complete before it launched! 



“Sometimes having blonde hair, it can be difficult to maintain the colour. I usually find that over time washing and styling my hair leads to it gradually becoming warmer and brassy in colour. Since last having my hair coloured, I have been using the Moroccanoil Color Complete Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Protect & Prevent Spray. I have to say these products have exceeded my expectations! The real test for me was going to be whilst I was abroad on holiday, and being faced with the usual challenges for my hair colour. The chlorine in the pool, the sea salt and of course, the intense heat and sunshine. It has now been seven weeks since having my hair coloured and I feel that it is still looking bright, fresh and it feels in great condition.” - Cheryl Dickinson.


“Before spending my Summer in Las Vegas, I was worried my ash blonde colour would become brassy whilst out there. Laura had tried to find a salon that stocked the toner I have but didn’t have any luck. Just before I went away Laura gave me the Moroccanoil Colour Complete Shampoo, Conditioner and the Protect & Prevent Spray. I didn’t think it would work for the whole trip but I’m pleased to say my blonde stayed nice and white. On my return I decided to go dark, and was once again worried my new colour would fade over the blonde. However these products, along with the Chromotech service Laura used in the salon when she was colouring have kept my colour looking dark, rich and shiny. If your colour fades or goes brassy, I’d definitely recommend these products.” - Hayley Sawers


“Being ash blonde, I always used to find my toner would wash out over time and I’d end up a yellow blonde. I would normally have to have a toner in between my scalp bleach appointments, however since using Moroccanoil Color Complete my colour has lasted so much longer. I haven’t had to have a toner in between and my hair still looks ice white!” - Claudia Coyne




“I have always loved Moroccanoil products. I tried the Moroccanoil Color Complete because my hair often looked yellow towards the end of my colour. I have found to my surprise that with these product this is not the case. I have just returned from holiday and normally the sun would have bleached my hair, but not this time. It is still looking good. As always loving the smell and the packaging.” - Gerry Bell

Aadnevik SS19

If you visited my blog last week you’d have read that LFW started on a high with Temperley London. Not only did we have a great show, it was so lovely to catch up with the Moroccanoil Team. Some of the team I have worked with for nearly 10 years, with others joining us along the way. 

We wrapped up at 8pm, and our time was our own until we needed to meet at 3pm on Sunday for The Aadnevik Show at The Royal Horseguards Hotel. Saturday night at 8pm isn’t a great time to find a table for 14 for dinner, but we succeeded! We found a little Italian just off Oxford Street who did very well in keeping the food and wine coming! I opted for an early night, (as I always do) how the others can stay up until the early hours partying I will never know! Sunday started with a relaxed breakfast and a spot of shopping before heading over to Horseguards. 

Aadnevik is a London based luxury label designed by Hila and Kristian Aadnevik. Aadnevik showcase their collections seasonally at London Fashion Week and offer a made-to-measure service for clients who visit their studio from around the world. Their clients include Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and many more. The Aadnevik collections are always filled with lavish embellishments, soft layering and drapes in the most stunning colours. Once again, I’m drawn in by the sparkle. We were lucky enough to borrow some dresses a few years back for a show in Ireland and even the models said they were the most beautiful dresses they had worn.

This season, with an Alice in Wonderland theme it was like stepping through the rabbit hole. With larger than life toad stools, flowers and love heart balloons throughout the hotel, the Aadnevik runway did not disappoint.  

When I cast my mind back to previous Aadnevik shows, I picture small curl tongs and styles that need at least 2 stylists on board to get the models completed on time. This year however was very different. I would like to share a step-by-step of the look we created for The Aadnevik SS19 Collection. A lived in textured wave with out a tong or wand in sight. 

This look, with the correct product, is a quick and easy look you can create at home if you own a pair of straighteners. The only product you’ll need is the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to provide a foundational grip before styling and to enhance the texture when you’ve finished.



My step by step shows you how to create the exact look, however if you plait bigger sections this will save you time and give you a softer wave. You can also start the plaits closer to the root to give you an even wave from roots to ends, a versatile look that can be adapted to your preference. The Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray will do the hard work for you here, with out it your plaits will be too soft and you run risk of them falling out straight away. I’d love to see photos if you try this look at home, please send any over on instagram!

With this season over, I will now be looking forward to spotting our creations in magazines going forward. With time flying by like it does, AW19 will be here before I know it!

 Photography by Naomi Gabrielle Photography on behalf of Pure PR for Moroccanoil.

Temperley London LFW SS19

With a full kit bag and fellow Pure Hair Stylist, Claudia, on Saturday we made our way to London to meet the Moroccanoil UK team for London Fashion Week SS19. 3pm outside Centre Point was the only information we’d been given, a 33 storey Grade II listed building on New Oxford Street. I’d heard through the grapevine that the Temperley London show was going to be very different to their usual style, I couldn’t wait to hear more.

Earlier in the week, Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil’s Global Ambassador and a small team met with Alice Temperley, to get a feel for this season’s collection and along with Charlotte Tilbury the final hair and make up looks were decided.

Moroccanoil, since launching their signature product 10 years ago, have always had healthy shiny hair at their very core. Every Moroccanoil product is infused with the highest quality argan oil, a vitamin packed oil to hydrate each and every strand instantly. The Moroccanoil range works perfectly with Temperley London. Nourished, natural hair, teamed with a Charlotte Tilbury ‘lit from within’ glow, has always complemented the stunning Temperley London collections.

This season Alice had come up with something different. The catwalk design had been kept to a minimum, it was the line up of women walking, that did the talking. Not only were we looking after 12 incredible models back stage, Alice had brought together what she describes as an inspiring cast of muses who personify the ethos of Temperley London.

We had free reign to sit down with every model and muse to see how they’d like their hair styled. The norm would be one look for all, and even the models were surprised by the relaxed vibe.  We worked with the natural texture of the hair, to create a healthy lived in look with a rock and roll vibe. We simply wanted to enhance each individuals natural beauty and make them feel like the best version of themselves before they headed to the runway.

Alice’s muses included her Mum, Diane, alongside Helen McCrory (star struck!), Nathalie Emmanuel and Corrine Bailey Rae to name but a few. Temperley London had this unbelievably cool line up of strong, empowering women walking in their show. If you’re familiar with Moroccanoil you may remember their ‘Empowering Woman’ campaign from a few years back. Another reason Moroccanoil and Temperley London are the perfect match; their core values are the same.

Now on to the collection, and my-oh-my where to begin. I remember the first time I was asked to work on the Temperley London show about 5 years ago and I did a little toe tapping happy dance on the spot. I loved the brand long before I worked with them. So can you imagine me backstage seeing the latest collections before anyone else?! (Kid in a candy shop springs to mind.) Temperley London never disappoints, their rails are always filled with the most stunning prints, the most intricate embroideries and long flowing dresses in the most amazing colours. I’m drawn in by the soft sparkle of sequins and the way the material moves. It was the white and gold maxi dress modelled by Anoushka Shankar that caught my eye first this season. Teamed with gold accessories and her natural curl, she looked incredible.

‘Enhancing your natural self’ is such an important message and I loved seeing this in a London Fashion Week show. The relaxed approach that really put the model in-charge is the reason the Temperley London SS19 has been my favourite season to date. After 5 hours of backstage styling, I left feeling just as energised as I did when I arrived, a great show for the Moroccanoil team.

Photography by Naomi Gabrielle Photography on behalf of Pure PR for Moroccanoil.

Hair After A Baby

4 months in to my pregnancy, my hair was the best it had EVER been. For someone who usually washes their hair every other day, I could get 5 days and not even have to dry style. (Don’t judge me, the tiredness was real!) My curls were bouncy, the shine was incredible and my natural oils had done a runner, because it just looked fresh at all times. 

I remember my Mum saying to me it wouldn’t stay like that, and it would probably start to fall out after I gave birth. I had seen this happen to others post pregnancy, but I just had the feeling it wouldn’t happen to me.


Having ‘perfect’ hair during pregnancy and the first 3 months after were a God send. I didn’t have time to think about myself whilst looking after a new born. So the whole ‘good hair day everyday’ was a great help. A big shout out to Mother Nature for keeping my estrogen levels high and sorting me out.

After pregnancy, estrogen levels drop. This is when the shedding begins. And gosh, it begun. I genuinely thought a spider was crawling down my back when it first started to fall out in the shower. It was however, just a rather large clump of hair making its way to the shower tray. This continued for a few months and I couldn’t believe how much I was losing. I was always pleasantly surprised when I blowdried my hair, as I expected to see bald patches. However when it started to grow back, I realised it was mostly lost from around my hair line.


Not only did my hair shed. The natural oils returned and I’m back to styling my hair daily, and using a dry shampoo on day 2. (Maybe day 3 too!) As much as I knew hormones can affect hair, after experiencing these sudden changes personally, I can’t believe just how much they can.

To keep my hair looking healthy whilst it was growing back, I have been having regular haircuts to keep a blunt shape. I have also been using The Eufora Thickening Collection. The collection comprises of 5 products, each formulated to ensure the scalp is at its healthiest, to encourage healthy hair growth.  


 The Eufora thickening range promise to restore fragile and thinning hair in 30 days - or your money back. Eufora’s ProAmino Cell Complex works to improve the health of the hair follicle and scalp, ensuring the hair can grow to its best potential. Teamed with the vital vitamins needed for healthy hair growth, I felt I would really benefit from the Eufora Thickening collection.  If you’re not familiar with Eufora, I have linked a previous blog post on why I use and recommend their products. (Click here to read.)

The hair loss continued for about 6 months, however fast forward another 6 months and my hair is back to its best. The condition feels good, it feels thicker and my post pregnancy hairline is now at a length where it no longer flys in the wind.  All I have to worry about now is my super strong one year old pulling it out! 








The Creative Head Awards ‘18

Picture this - it’s 7pm at The Natural History Museum. The champagnes flowing and the atmosphere buzzing. London’s iconic Museum has been transformed into the party place to be. 650 hairdressers and industry greats all dressed to impress for one of the main events in the hairdressing calendar, The Creative Head It List and Most Wanted awards ‘18.

Errol Douglas MBE couldn’t be missed in a bright red blazer, whilst Sophia Hilton wowed in an embellished black dress, her signature yellow hair styled to perfection. There’s excitement in the air and the entrance to the museum is quickly filling with guests dressed to impressed. Our industry is a creative one, and this creativity definitely shone through. With beautiful ballgowns, one of a kind suits and hair backcombed to new heights, it’s the perfect occasion to dress up, show your individual style and celebrate hairdressing with like minded, fun people.


The prestigious event sold out in under 5 minutes and as finalists in the ‘Best Local Salon’ category we were lucky enough to be in attendance. Cocktails and canapés to start in Fossil Way, followed by a 3 course dinner in Hintze Hall. Surrounded by truly stunning architecture and dining beneath the skeleton of a 25 metre blue whale made this awards ceremony such a surreal evening.


With category’s including ‘Award for Innovation’ and ‘Best Salon Experience’ it was a great opportunity to see what others are doing to set themselves apart and really stand out. Best Salon Experience was won by Stil. A Scandi inspired salon nettled in Notting Hill. Whilst Stewart Roberts won the Award for Innovation. Stewart set up Haircuts4Homeless back in 2014 after seeing a video of a man cutting hair for the homeless in New York. He now has 300 volunteers in 45 locations and has issued over 35,000 haircuts. “You have never really lived, until you have done something for someone who can’t repay you.” A haircut for a homeless person isn’t just a haircut, it’s talking to someone for 45 minutes, it’s being listened too and time away from everyday life. It was clear to see Stewart felt overwhelmed upon receiving this award, but for me this was the stand out award of the evening.


We made it to the final for ‘Best Local Salon.’ Our entry put together by Ben Hunt to showcase the work we do for people in our local community. One of our stylists Jan, spends her Sunday Mornings in Guildford working with a charity called Greenlight cutting hair for the homeless. 2 years ago Val teamed up with Regenerate Rise. A charity with a mission to eradicate isolation within the U.K, Val welcomed a group of elderly ladies to the salon for a pampering day with our apprentices followed by afternoon tea in our local cafe, Randall’s. An opportunity for these ladies to have a great day out, something they can’t do on their own. It’s not until you hear about charities like Regenerate Rise that you realise how lucky you are to be surrounded by family and have people to talk to every day.

As a salon we have raised over £82,000 for various charities and with our next charity event coming up in October, wouldn’t it be great to push that figure well in to the £90k?!


We didn’t win ‘Best Local Salon’ however when you break down everything we do as a team it really was the taking part over the year’s that counts and doing what we do for others that really matters.

The Creative Head It List and Most Wanted awards was an opportunity for us to spend time together as a team, catch up with our friends with in the industry and it’s safe to say we all left feeling inspired and maybe ever so slightly merry!

A Day With Pure PR


Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of representing Moroccanoil at Pure PR’s press day. The event was an opportunity for Pure to showcase the brands and products they represent to press, influencers and bloggers. With a ‘back to school’ theme the team had turned an empty art gallery in Eastcastle Street, London, in to The Pure Academy. A restaurant/show room of dreams, filled with an array of hair, beauty and wellbeing brands.  Back to school because the brands Pure PR represent are all top in their field.

Moroccanoil will soon be launching a revolutionary colour care line in the UK.  A 360 degree approach to caring for coloured hair. It was my job to introduce people to the line - I can’t wait to share more information about it with you guys soon! It was also an opportunity to reveal our Christmas gift boxes, whilst of course offering dry styling. Beach waves and braids seemed to be the order of the day, so I kept my Moroccanoil Original Treatment and Dry Texture Spray close to hand.


I was surrounded by hair, beauty and wellbeing product lines. This is literally my idea of heaven! I spend my day working along side Sergio from E.L.F. A vegan make up a range and let me tell you why I was so excited about this! As a green eyed human being the best colour to compliment my eyes is purple. Now I’m (very) allergic to a product called Carmine. A red colouring derived from crushed beetles to create vibrant purple and copper tones in make up. I saw E.L.F’s bright purple eye shadow staring at me from across the room, and being a vegan range I knew this meant no carmine therefore it wouldn’t make me swell up like a balloon! Hallelujah!

Aromatherapy Associates are a brand I have used previously. But if I’m honest I didn’t know a great deal about them. After chatting to Christina, their global director of education, I have learnt about the wellbeing benefits linked to aromatherapy oils. Did you know essential oils can be used to aid stress and sleep? They can be used to boost your energy levels and relax the mind. I definitely think I need to spend more time focusing on relaxing my mind. Something as little as introducing the appropriate blend of essential oil in your daily routine could reduce fatigue and make you feel more relaxed and ready for your day. I left with the deep relax roller ball, a fragrance formulated to bring out peace and relaxation.

Last by not least I had the pleasure of working along side Renee Lapino. One of the best in the skin care business, Renee was representing Goldfaden MD. A skin care range utilising state of the art technologies, Goldfaden MD is one of Renee’s go to brands to work with. If I’m honest I wanted it all, however my stand out product was Doctors Scrub. A ruby crystal microderm Exfoliator that leaves skin hydrated whilst removing dead skin cells. The results could be seen instantly. I’ve only used this product twice and my face has never looked so good. I opted for no make up after use because my face just felt so fresh and so clean (clean!) I’m literally amazed and although it’s only September I will be adding some other Goldfaden MD products to my Christmas list. (*Boyfriend rolling eyes whilst reading this*)

Imagine a working day socialising with like minded people whilst sharing knowledge on products you love. The team from Pure are a dream to be around. Passionate about the brands they work with and all round cool girls. Like the new kid in class I was made to feel welcome and can’t wait to see them at London Fashion week soon.


There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a beautifully themed Instagram layout, created by uploading photos with the same filter so every photo matches. Back in the day (before smart phones and apps) black and white and sepia were our only options. But now we have hundreds of filters and editing tools at our disposable on various apps.


I edit my photos, and I’m sure every flat lay on my blog has a warm hazy filter over the top to make it more pleasing to my eye - vsco T1 to be precise. I never filter photos when showcasing  colour work as it wouldn’t show the true result.


I love using photos as a tool when talking about colour, however it amazes me how many photos I see that aren’t real. You’d never know because the filter/editing looks real enough, but when you’ve seen the exact same photo in a different colour that is the give away. The ash blonde trend took photo fakery to a whole new level. There’s a beautiful photo of Cara Delevingne sporting an ash grey hue. The image isn’t real, the grey never happened. In a ‘Cara Delevigne Hair’ search on Pinterest you’ll see the original photo and the same with various filters on.


I shout FUGAZI at my iPhone way too much. (Wolf of Wall Street fans, you know.) Generally shaking my head at the same time. Here is an example of an image I altered earlier.





These edits took me about 10 minutes to make. Granted - if you look closely this isn’t the best editing. (Finger drawing on an iPhone screen) However I did it on a free app to prove how easily it can be done. I have posted the real photo below for those interested. 

image1 5.jpeg


There is absolutely nothing wrong with faking it in some cases. But what I don’t agree with is trying to pass a fake photo for real work. If I was to upload a photos to Instagram with the caption, ‘From copper to pink in one sitting!’ I’d be misleading my audience to believe this was achievable and it could encourage them to try the same. Not only will they be hugely disappointed when it doesn’t work, they might also think their hairdressing isn’t capable because someone else managed it. 


As I previously said I love to play with filters, however not on my work page. I use a ring light and an iPhone to take my photos and recently I’ve been making the background whiter to make my layout more appealing. If I was to filter the hair I’d only be making my life harder long term when someone requests the same non-existent filtered image.(FUGAZI!) Relevant to every social media aspect, don’t believe everything you see to be correct representation of reality, and hairdressers, stop filtering.

An Interview with Emma Chen


I have been following Emma on Instagram for a couple of years now. It was the textured up-do's and flawless make up that got me hooked! On many occasions I have tried to recreate Emma's hair and make up look on myself and clients. With daily tips in her stories I have picked up so many new tricks. Emma has 142k followers, replies to all social media enquiries and with a fully booked schedule I'm sooooo grateful to Emma for fitting in the time for this interview. I'd highly recommend a read for any one wanting to get started in the hair/beauty industry. Emma took a risk going it alone and it has certainly paid off! 


 Emma, you are undoubtedly one of the best hair and make up artists in Australia right now, but what came first, hair or make up? 

Omg your so sweet! I’m not sure if that’s true but I appreciate the love. I started off as a hairdresser when I finished school, I liked it but always saw it as a back up career. I first applied to do a Tafe photography course, but it was too expensive for my parents at the time. I ended up staying in hairdressing for almost 10 years. I was good at hairdressing but was too much of a worry wart. I would stress about every colour and never ever in ten years did I feel 100% comfortable cutting and colouring. I had been applying for admin jobs for months and couldn’t get an interview. So in 2013 I decided to do a short course in makeup (x2 nights a week for 3 months ) just for fun. I never imagined myself to be a makeup artist or dreamed of being able to make a full time living from it. As they say the rest is history...



You have the relaxed beach wave down to a fine art. What are your top tips for textured beachy hair? (Us British like to pretend we’ve come straight from the beach!) 


Not over styling the hair, the key is to use your clients natural texture and add to it not try to change it.



If you had to pick one product for your make up kit to give the glow we see so often in your photos, what would it be and why?


Becca Opal Liquid , as you can apply it on the highs of the face under foundation , you can mix it in with your foundation also to give a more luminous finish and its also great for the chest area .



You have always replied to my social media messages, that I am very grateful for! How long do you spend on social media a day? 


Omg it can be a struggle working full time and trying to keep up to date with all the social channels, emails etc. But I would say on average I spend 1-2 hours on insta throughout the day, trying to reply to messages, comments and of course uploading content.



If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


Morocco, I’m obsessed with all the imagery I see on insta and don’t even get me start on the rugs and homeware they make and sell!



Run us through a day in the life of Emma Chen?


This is a hard one as every day is sooo different. Usually I will re pack my kit from the day before and do a cross check to make sure I have everything for the job that day. I tend to do a lot of driving to Byron so I always make sure I download a good playlist for the drive. Once my shoot has wrapped up I always come home and shampoo all of my brushes and sponges. A lot of artists only use brush cleaner on their brushes to sanitise however I love how soft they feel once they're washed and I find the shape holds better.  I will then try to get to my emails while my husband cooks dinner (I'm lucky I know!) and then recently we have been addicted to the TV show Married At First Sight, so we will watch that!



When thinking about your career so far, what has been the most defining moment and why?

For me it would be at the start of my career & remembering all the fear I had in taking a leap of faith and going out on my own, free lance. I never thought I was good enough to make it. It was a defining moment the day I quit working for others, truly backed myself and took that massive risk. I was 29 at the time, so financially I was scared as I had so many responsibilities, but it paid off! I worked so hard and took every single opportunity there was. No way I was going to let myself fail.




Lastly where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I would love to travel a bit more with work and take on some different types of jobs to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Emma is a true example of hard work paying off. Incredible talent teamed with a good work ethos - a match made in heaven! The above photos are all Emma's work. For all things hair, make up give Emma a follow. Emma fills my feed with beautifully bronzed faces and I bookmark pretty much every hair up. Emma's stories are also quite funny, and you know - that always helps! 

Thanks again Emma, come and see us in England soon. (It may rain a little too much, but we make good tea!)

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