An Interview with Antonio Corral Calero

Following on from my ‘Moroccanoil Top 5’ last week, I thought it would be pretty fun to interview their Creative Global Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero. Antonio’s been with Moroccanoil since day one and has played a huge part in growing the greatest oil infused brand on the market. Not only working for Moroccanoil, Antonio has recently opened his own Academy in Barcelona - Factory 236. With a huge global role and his own Academy, I wasn’t sure Antonio would have the time to be interviewed. But it was no problem, and for that I will be forever grateful!


So here it is. An interview with Antonio Corral Calero.


Antonio, as Moroccanoil’s Creative Global Ambassador you are constantly travelling. You can cover New York, London and Barcelona in 1 week! What are you top tips for keeping your body and mind healthy when travelling this much?

I tried to keep a good balance by eating well and walking everywhere. I find walking clear’s my mind whilst also burning some of those extra calories from all the goodies I can’t resist! I start the morning with some meditation and positive thinking, followed by hot water with lemon - 2 cups! After a coffee I’m ready to go. Then I find a cold press juice bar. I’ll have a large mix of vegetable’s, apple and ginger. Then I feel like superman, anywhere in the World!

On the subject of travelling what’s your favourite country and why?

That’s a difficult one, because there are so many beautiful places in the World. I love Asia!Thailand and Bali are at the top of my list. I’m a big fan of Thai food and I had an amazing experience in Bali, being in touch with my inner self . 

You inspire lots of hairdressers around the world, myself included. Who would you say your inspiration is and why?

I can’t name anyone. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but everyone inspire me! Not just in the industry, but random people in the street. If I inspire people I hope it’s not just for my work but because the person I am.

If you had to pick one moroccanoil product for personal use, what would it be?

It would have to be Smoothing Lotion because of the products versatility. It makes my hair looks beautiful from Winter to Summer. I can apply it and let it be, or straighten my curls and my hair still looks natural.

Not only are you Moroccanoil’s Creative Global Ambassador, you have recently opened your very own academy in Barcelona - Factory 236 - how are you finding juggling these 2 huge roles?

GIRLLLL, I don’t even know! Well I do know, Nicolas Guzman. He’s my partner in life and Business. He manages all the agenda’s and puts some sense into my world . Everything I do, I do it with love and good will. I am me and I don’t try to be anyone else. One thing you and I have in common is that we have a passion for what we do, and we can do things our way whilst thinking and helping other’s along the way.


This interview started in London, continued in Barcelona and ended after a shoot in Paris! Thank you Antonio for taking the time to answer my questions. (Keep up with the vegetable juice! ;) xx)

My Moroccanoil Top 5

Picking my top 5 Moroccanoil hair products was never going to be easy. And if you asked me next week, the chances are they would have changed! Every Moroccanoil product is formulated with the finest argan oil, ensuring the hair is always looking and feeling it’s best. I have been using Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Original since the very beginning and 8 years on, it still feels just as luxurious as it did to begin with. Every Moroccanoil product is packed with the appropriate antioxidants and vitamins leaving the hair moisturised, shiny and healthy. My top 5 are my personal top 5, and are the products I use regularly when styling my own hair. I hope this gives you an insight to the world of Moroccanoil. If you have any questions regarding the brand, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Moroccanoil Treatment Original.

The product that pioneered oil infused hair care, this has to be my number one. Enriched with pharmaceutical grade argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, Moroccanoil Treatment Original will leave the hair tangle free, nourished, shiny and manageable.

How to - Use 1 - 2 pumps on towel dried hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Moroccanoil Treatment Original can be blowdried in or left to dry naturally. A small amount can also be added to dry hair to smooth fly aways, condition and add shine.


Luminous Hairspray Medium.

This beautifully scented hairspray is buildable, brush-able and flexible. Making it my go to hairspray for day to day use. A lightweight spray that locks moisture in and keeps humidity out. I love Luminious Hairspray Medium because my style still has movement.

How to - Hold the can 10 inches away and spray. More product can be added to increase hold. Don’t be afraid to brush out or touch after spraying, it won’t flake!


Dry Texture Spray

My go to finishing spray to creating long lasting texture. With moisture at the forefront of this product’s mind, it’s so easy to create the sought after beachy look without drying out the hair. Not only great for finishing, this spray is a great prep spray. For hair up, braid work and extra grip, I will always have one of these in my kit.

How to - Shake and spray. Near or far. It’s as easy as that!


Intense Hydrating Mask

A rich, creamy deep conditioning mask for medium to thick hair. Improving texture, elasticity and shine whilst hydrating and conditioning. All in 5 minutes.

How to - Apply a tablespoon sized amount after your preferred shampoo. Comb through and leave on for 5-7 minutes. No need to use conditioner after, and this can be done 1-2 times a week.


Perfect Defence

For me, products that give protection are the most important. Perfect defence is a heat protection designed purely for that. A weightless, dry aerosol that protects up to 230 degrees whilst re-hydrating. You won’t even know its on the hair, so spray away on wet and dry before blow drying and dry styling.

How to - Spray generously all over before applying Moroccanoil Treatment Oil. Perfect Defence is also great for second day styling.



Like a bee to honey I’m drawn to all things pretty. From a well blended balayage to beautiful fabric, I love pretty things. A trip to Anthropologie is literally my perfect day. It’s like the heavy embellishment has a magnetic force that pulls me in, and I can’t leave without spending money.

The sales have finished and with that in mind I wanted to find some new pieces to update my wardrobe and introduce some new colour/texture ahead of sunnier times.

The spring collection didn’t disappoint. I left with 3 lovely pieces to keep my hair happy and add interest to my monochrome work wardrobe, whilst also stumbling across a new brand - Pom, Amsterdam.

I opted for 3 colours and style of head band and have created some hair up styles to show you how I will be wearing them.

The Astrid.

With fringing along the edge and patterned with white geometric motifs, this black headband has a Moroccan feel. This can be worn with any hair style and I will be wearing this over spring/summer with a loose linen shirt and textured beach waves.


The Floral.

Florals have made a huge comeback this spring. Add in sequins, dainty pearls and long draping ties this will definitely be my pool side band of choice. I will be wearing this with block colour clothing and a relaxed up-do.


The Silk Scarf.

Printed with orange tigers this navy silk scarf can be worn in the hair or as a neck scarf. A luxurious way to elevate a basic outfit. I will be breaking the rules and wearing navy with black at work to add interest to a basic pony tail.