We love nothing more than hearing a client say 'I never knew my hair could do that!'. Discover all we offer to transform your hair.


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For the first time; try hair colour on.

It's time to change the way hair colour is communicated in salons, with a colour consultation centred around YOU.

If you have your hair coloured in a salon you may have experienced the 'typical' hair colour consultation, a process centred around the swatch book. A book of one inch, by half inch sections of coloured nylon. You have probably had a hairdresser preach the technicals of colour to you, base tone's, ash tone's, point one's and point seven's. You have probably at some point had a colourist tell you not worry too much about the swatches in the book 'because they never come out like that on the hair'. It's highly likely you have been in the situation where at the end of the process, you can't really visualise which colours will work best for you. For your skin tone, for your eye colour, and for your individual style.


Our Truly Tailored Colour promise:

We will never present you with a traditional swatch book. We won't preach or teach the technical can and cant's of colour. We promise to consult on which family of colour will work best for you and your individual style. We promise to colour your hair responsibly, taking care of its condition.

A digital profile is created detailing your hair's history and current state

your eye colour, skin tone, and individual style are assessed

discover the power of depth, tone and placement with our trademarked trend MOSAICS - try colour on


Cezanne's PERFECT FINISH Smoothing Treatment

Sleek transformations by way of Pure Hair’s Perfect Finish Smoothing system. This effective breakthrough treatment is safe and 100% formaldehyde-free, allowing hair to become healthier over time. Instant results restore hair’s natural shine, soften waves and create a smoother, more manageable hair for every hair type.

Pure Hair were one of a handful of salons to stock MOROCCANOIL when it first launched in the UK. At the time no one was using oil in haircare. Now - everyone is using oil - companies have all tried to replicate MOROCCANOIL's unique formula. MOROCCANOIL has become a huge brand globally. As a MOROCCANOIL Top 20 UK salon we are one of the first salons to offer Cezanne PERFECT FINISH Smoothing Treatment - the results are incredible, but without the downside of harsh alternatives.

'All-Natural' - It's natures way of smoothing hair

"This is definitely NOT a Brazilian Blowdry or Keratin Straightening service. It's chemical free which means it will gradually fade towards the end of the 5 month mark. This is a game-changer as far as hair texture and manageability is concerned. What's more silk proteins actually fortify hair leaving it in better condition."



'We believe the condition of your hair should improve with every visit. At Pure Hair we have a passion for healthy hair - for your hair's every need -  tailor-made treatments which deliver targeted results.'   


A simple 3 step process, this wonder service includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds (caused by thermal, chemical and mechanical damage) and rebuilds leaving hair stronger, and colour lasting longer. 


The ultimate in luxury care for dry, damaged or aging hair. A naturally derived protein from sheep's wool repairs hair while Hawaiian ginger adds deep moisture.


This is definitely NOT a brazillian blowdry. All-natural ingredients banish frizz and unruly texture from hair for 4-5 months leaving hair smoother, more manageable, and in immaculate condition.